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Gggggrrrreeeeaaaattttt........another Harley..........

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Just got done reinstalling the wheels with the Q3+'s on them, EBC pads, the fork legs after having Ohlins cartridges put in them and added Purple Ice to the cooling system. 'Bout the only I want to do now, besides riding the wheel off this thing, is a full exhaust system if any of the mainstream manufacturers buck up and offer one I like. For now, the S&S Grand National slip on sounds just fine.

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@modular your bike is definitely one of the, if not THE, best looking HD's I've ever seen.  No shit - whoever HD had do the industrial design on that bike needs to do more work for them.  The colors and textures alone are as good as any other design firm I've looked at.  The HD badging is tasteful and understated.  Well done.

If your into design at all, check out https://www.kiska.com/

These guys do the design and branding for KTM, as well as other customers.  Eye candy.


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