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Kneeling for the anthem and flag.

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Tpoppa    11,019
32 minutes ago, Steve Butters said:

I've stopped watching all games this season aside from my team. I figure if so many people are boycotting, I might as well contribute to the drop in ratings... I'm so fucking sick of politics in the NFL... I still watch my team, but I used to watch games all day Sunday and Monday and Thursday games.... Idgaf which side anyone is on, I'm just ready for it to be over with. Maybe I'll resume binge watching next year, if they knock off all the dumb shit 

You're exactly who the NFL should be worried about losing.

I already thought Goodell was a poor leader.  He's beyond incompetent if he didn't see this coming.  The fan base has become divided on his watch.  I'll bet $1 he won't be the commissioner when next season starts. 


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TimTheAzn    1,584
30 minutes ago, Isaac's Papa said:

You know what I do when I'm somewhere and they ask me to bow my head and close my eyes so they can say a prayer for the food in about to eat? I bow my head and close my eyes and let them pray because I'm not a disrespectful piece of shit.

Noted: Finally a way I can get IP's head down and eyes closed.

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