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My Obamaphone (that I paid for twice)

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I just bought a New without box ZTE phone off ebay cheaply and planned to port my tracfone verizon (2 indoor bars) number onto it with tracfone Tmobile (5 indoor bars). It just came out and wasn't in stock in any stores. I've been holding off on porting as I'm waiting on a job offer call and don't want to be out of service. (Ironically the new job reimburses mobile bills.)

I didn't read the instructions. Have only set it up on wifi (no # assigned on settings)but i did get a voicemail and 2 sms from safelink, Only when I googled how to stop it did I find what they are and the instructions have some related small print, etc.

So who do you call about a girl in NY who we paid to give a phone to who then scammed me into paying her to give me the phone?  


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