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Powerline Park

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First time down to Powerline Park in Saint Clairesville, OH. What a blast. 1,000 acres of muddy trail riding and drunken festivities. I didn't take my phone with me while riding so the only pictures i have are of camp. On a good weekend, i'm told they get 5-7,000 people. It was packed this time and was told it wasn't actually that bad; all the rain must of kept people away. There was dirtbikes, 4-wheelers, side by sides, jeeps, trucks with 4ft tires, deuce and halfs, really any and everything. 

We went down Friday morning and rode all day before a lot of the crowd got there. Saturday was a little bit more busy but we stayed off the main trails and didn't really get stuck behind too many people. We had a few people get stuck throughout. One guy had to leave his side by side overnight; it was 2AM and raining like a mofo. Could stand on the hill it was so slick. 

The main pond/drag was packed from 7PM till 4AM. I found it to get boring pretty quick though, i'd rather be out riding than standing around a bunch of drunken douchebags. 

I lost count how many vehicles were broken down and left on the trails or being towed out. 

Overall it was one of the most fun things i've ever done. I really want to get a side by side now but i have no where to store it or the trailer needed for it. I can't make it to this years labor day weekend but plan on going back next year. 








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