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Nicky Hayden Bicycle Accident


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2 hours ago, jschaf said:

Sometimes better to pass than not recover and spend years in a vegetative state.  Very sad nonetheless.  RIP Nicky.


Michael Schumacher exemplifies this statement.

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On 5/17/2017 at 2:31 PM, Danimal said:

No offense intended Quinn, but I never understood people's infatuation with famous people.

Why is this ANY more important than news of ANY person being struck by a car while bicycling?


Honestly, I'd be far more concerned if I learned that you were the victim.


This is the way I normally feel as well. But...

I'll never forget July 2000, the first and only time I've been to Mid Ohio, and this guy called The Kentucky Kid whom everyone was talking about. I remember he won a truck after a race, then was signing autographs. I didn't know him, or even of him, but my friend did, so we waited in line. A long line! It was almost dark by the time we got up to him, and all I really remember was his smile. Shaking hands, signing whatever you had, smiling, and that accent. He had more than talent, he had charisma. I immediately became a fan, although I didn't get his autograph. I truly feel sorry for his family, friends, and fans. Nicky was a good guy, despite being a superstar.

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23 hours ago, MSerfozo said:

Rhinegeist in Cincinnati is producing 5000 cases of Truth and Bubbles today with this printed on the bottom.


That's awesome of them. Truth is one of my fav's. I'll definitely keep a look out.

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16 minutes ago, Danimal said:


Ben last year when his Trumph wouldn't start

Only Casper would park a bike for a month with a known battery/charging issue and then push it onto a trailer and drive it 500 miles and then check to see if it would start.

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