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bike BUYING: XR100/r

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@jacobhawkins introduced me to OMRL a few weeks ago and now I'm ready to jump onboard. PM me if you have one for sale or know anyone with one for sale. Ideally looking for race-ready (paved course) but I'm willing to entertain the idea of converting from dirt. 





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3 hours ago, MidgetTodd said:

correction, I just looked, I have 3ish :lol:

Its a sickness.  

Let me know what you decide and we'll get down to business. I'm looking to pay in cash though and not midget hookers, hopefully that's not a problem. 

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I'll try to get them all put together this week. They were stripped down for powder coat. That's all done just need put back together. All new plastics. Wheels are out being laced right now as well. 

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How complete are they?  I have 60-75% of a 2002 in my basement, but taking another 'parts bike' off your hands might be more economical than trying to eBay my way to a complete project.

My 2000 is in rideable condition.  It needs a spoke or two replaced on the rear wheel, and the tires are pretty used up. I suppose everything is for sale for the right price, but I don't want to sell it this year, and then end up buying one for more money in 2-3 years when I miss it.

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Completely stripped down. For powder coating and being reassembled with new bearings, bushings, seals, and bbr goodies. Building two but will probably have enough parts for a 3rd minus a frame and forks

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