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Lets fix this ear plug BS

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17 minutes ago, Blitz said:


I wonder where my usage falls. I use noise isolating earbuds with foam for the dual purpose of hearing protection and communication, sometimes music. They’re always in for hearing protection and if I’m not wearing them, I’m wearing actual ear plugs. But I do occasionally listen to music.

I guess if I make the argument that the sole use is for hearing protection, I have an affirmative defense with the bill as written.

I don't think you do, I am certain that is not their intent. They are against music.


.......a person operating a motor vehicle is prohibited from wearing earphones or earplugs, in both ears, for either hearing protection or for entertainment purposes. However, a person 
operating a motorcycle has the limited, permitted exception of wearing earphones or earplugs for hearing protection.

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I see people in cars all the time with earbuds in. I also see a lot with hoodies up...I have no idea how they see preipherally, that should be illegal. 

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1 hour ago, Pauly said:

So, my Sena 3S is legal when used with foam earplugs? 

When the law passes, yes.

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