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bike '97 Ducati 900ss Track Bike (944 bore kit)

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Got a line on a 900ss track bike that's for sale. There's a little hitch but not bad - the frame doesn't have a title with it.


However, there is a 2nd frame that comes with the bike that has a clear title. The current owner works at a dealership here in Columbus and has too many bikes so he's in the process of unloading the ones he doesn't use often. He's actually the guy that used to own my 750ss track bike years ago. Supposedly there are other goodies besides the extra frame that come with it. The bike has a 944 bore kit on it and full race plastics. The owner said he was looking in the $2600 range. He's not a member on here but I said I would toss up a feeler. 


If anyone is interested, toss me a PM and I'll get you his #. 

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So being I know a little about this bike.  Here is the thread from when I was selling it.  

I would get with the current owner to verify that it's in the same condition as these pictures but it should give you a rough idea of whats being offered. 

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Well, there it is. And yeah, talk to the seller for details but it didn't sound like he made any modifications, although he may have painted it black. 

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