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OSU Active Shooter


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Headline just about says it all:

One suspect dead, 10 transported to hospital after attack at Ohio State University

Meat from the article:


Ohio State University said in a statement the injuries included stab wounds, and being struck by a vehicle. There were also other injuries that were being evaluated.

One person had a gun, while the second appeared to have a large knife, according to the Dispatch.

(A student) witnessed a man in a car try to drive into a crowd of people after a fire alarm went off. After the car crashed, Kovacich told the newspaper he witnessed the man then attack bystanders with a knife.

By 11:30 a.m., the school announced the shelter in place was lifted, and the "scene is now secure." All classes were canceled on the Columbus campus for the remainder of Monday.

A police officer on scene later told The Lantern that a possible suspect is believe to be inside the Lane Avenue Parking garage on campus. The garage is still being searched by authorities.


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When I watched the news conference the whole "had a gun" thing seem to evaporate.  Not that it really matters since hurt is hurt.   The only upside is that I don't have to listen to calls for "Common Sense Gun Legislation" for the next couple of weeks. They also said that the dead dude is the only suspect at this point.  I'm not 100% on this but I read somewhere that he is of Somali decent.  

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The news media ran with the "active shooter" story all morning. They said four people were shot. They said witnesses reported two people, one with a knife and one with a gun. Now we find out the only person shot was the suspect... by police... and he was alone... with a butcher knife. Sounds like that "fake news" we've been hearing about so much lately. 

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20 minutes ago, motocat12 said:

"active shooter situation" the name for anything(mass attack) with the standard police response?

Yeah...FBI, ATF, some city swat team.  Students and facility are not allowed to be armed, so they get to stand there and get hacked up for what...5, maybe 10 minutes?

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21 hours ago, motocat12 said:

Did he have enough time to pull the fire alarm, go get his car then drive at them, just a coincidence, or another accomplice?

Not sure, but I heard the fire alarm was completely coincidental. Something about a chlorine leak in the chem lab. Not sure though. 

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