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VDG CAC Training


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I completed the Counter Ambush Concepts class today instructed by Brian and Jason from Valkyrie Defense Group.  I know there are a bunch of firearms guys on here and whether you have only completed your CCW class or believe you know everything there is to know about firearms, you will benefit from additional training from these guys.  I found some flaws in my shooting techniques, and we also talked about some things I haven't thought about before.  Brian and Jason were great!  Seriously, I know everyone is busy, but you can make time to take some classes.  I have been trying to take a class with them for about a year now, I finally got it done and I am glad I did.  I will be back for more in the very near future.  The class was about 6 hours, it was hot as hell outside, but it was great.  So get off your asses, give Jason and Brian a call and get some training.  For all you guys that took the CCW class in Mechanicsburg, that was a joke compared to the training provided by VDG.  Actually I wouldn't even consider that training, that was simply paying an additional fee on top of the fee to get your CCW permit.  You will learn 110% more in the first 2 hours of the CAC class than you did in the entire Mechanicsburg CCW class.

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2 hours ago, kawi kid said:

I am simply a lurker anymore. 

That is not a mod anymore...  FIX YOUR PROFILE! ;)

I'm kicking my own ass for not making my attendance of this class a priority. :(  

Brian and Jason are the real deal, and VERY passionate about training, and training PROPERLY, and THOROUGHLY.  You get an idea from their Facebook posts how serious they are.

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