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Who wants to be a mod?


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4 hours ago, motocat12 said:

I thought I made it bad enough to be obvious.


This is actually a thing. Don't ask how I know. 



Also, what would happen if you gave someone who was already a mod another mod flag? double mod? mod squared? the end times? 

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12 hours ago, Isaac's Papa said:

I just banned a bitch with my dick in my hand. What of it? 


11 hours ago, Bad324 said:

Did he really get banned


11 hours ago, Isaac's Papa said:

Awe...did your fwiend go "bye-bye"? 


8 hours ago, jbot said:

If I were mod, I would have just banished his ass back to Reddit already. 

Thank Gawd !!! I was tired of reading his shit from day one.

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11 hours ago, Isaac's Papa said:

I dunno. I think so. That or he just got tired of looking like a dick on the Internet and closed his account. Hard to say, really. 

Don't think he would ever get tired of that, it's his life style and he would feel empty inside with out it.

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