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What did you do to your bike today?


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4 hours ago, MSerfozo said:



On 7/2/2021 at 7:27 PM, MSerfozo said:

Can you force fluid backwards?  If the calipers are attached, push the pistons in like you're changing to new pads.

I think I got it...just needed patience... (what's that?)  -  My bench setup is just the MC, a short brake line, and a spare CBR rear caliper in a vise. I just prefer to get fluid moving and confirm the rebuild is good before installing on the bike.... 

I still hate working with any brake fluid and bleeding.... sometimes its 10 minutes and its good to go, other times its screw with for an hour or more, and not get anywhere.  Bleah!

4 hours ago, MSerfozo said:

I got the engine ready to pull then the frame goes to scrap.


2021-07-03 19.08.40.jpg

I saw you posted you wrecked.... so the frame is toast? Curious as to your plans. 

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6 hours ago, mello dude said:

I saw you posted you wrecked.... so the frame is toast? Curious as to your plans. 

My red Bandit is OK.  It was just a 25mph lowside.  Bar end and shifter replaced, rash on the tail section covered with a sticker, and the engine lower side cover will wear the scar for a while. Taking it to the dragon, etc. in a week.

The silver bike in the pic was an opportunity I couldn't pass up.  It was crashed bad but had a lot of really nice parts for me to salvage.  That's where I got the Brembo monoblocks and masters. Today, I plan to swap shocks to put the Racetech built Hayabusa shock in my bike.

The engine has 11:1 1216cc pistons, a "Gary Dye" head, and a Barnett GSXR clutch.  It'll go in my Bandit over the winter.

The forks and frame are totalled.  I hope to disassemble the forks to salvage the Racetech valves and springs but I'll probably need a bandsaw because they are so bent.

After I scrap the frame, I'll get my half of the garage back.


2021-05-31 13.45.11.jpg

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I rode to MVNU to see my wife and daughter at a district choir camp. I always wanted to ride my bike to college but never did due to the inconvenience. 22 years later I made it happen. 

Better late than never. 

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Said goodbye to Strom today.  Had countless great days exploring thousands of miles of backroads, skyline drive, blue ridge parkway, north GA mountains, and beyond, but haven’t really been riding it lately.  So… off to a new owner 👍

Back to just one MC in the garage for the first time in 12 years.   


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Had a great ADV ride today on the Trans Ohio Trail Sections 7-6 and 5.


Wahoo, your old bike was in the group.

TOT Ride.jpg

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