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What did you do to your bike today?


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Finished a great 3 day R&R at Seven Springs resort, PA. Road 78 both ways to the river, Crossed at Moundsville. Great roads around the Laurel highland area and the food/activities at the outdoor resort. 680 miles total with the wife in tow on the Spyder.


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The Pirelli Angel GT tires give excellent traction even with under 100 miles on them. I also added a R&G rear hugger and some heat protection for my exhaust as well as a full Guhl Motorsports tune to my 2010 Honda VFR1200F.  

Despite having full power in first and second gear now with full throttle control I feel much safer and more in control. The stock tune had a huge lack of power and throttle control as a makeshift traction control. 

The first trip out was a huge success. I was very comfortable at lean and able to give full throttle with minimal tire spin thanks to the Angel GT traction.




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I rode it on the gravel roads in Coshocton. The new tires are better on road than I expected. Nowhere near comfortable as the Anakee, but I can street these and keep pace. I might not try to carry as much speed in a sweeper, but they transition switchbacks fairly well. They're loud..like, I can always hear them. Freeway or 35mph.. they be hummin. Also, I can feel them jiggle when I wiggle. If I push the front hard, the bike holds its line, but it's dancing the electric boogaloo during entry. If I change my riding style, it gets better. I usually take corners at 90⁰ (figuratively, but you get it) and gas hard coming out. These are not those kind of tires. 

Overall... they're neat, but probably overkill for my current stage in ADV. No regrets, cause they look aces on the bike. 

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On 9/12/2020 at 10:51 PM, durk said:

Rode 470 miles today. Spent majority of those miles with @Skinny guy. I was blown away by the number of cars that pulled over and let us go by. It was close to double digit numbers. I’m not sure whose educating these drivers. Thanks whoever you are. It was a great day, fun times today. 



Looks like fun, one of these days the three of us are going to have to get out for a ride!

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