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25yr old killed on 70 trying to split cars

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There have been a rash of motorcycle related crashes and deaths on 70 at the mile of tarmac.  WTH is up with that exit?

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25 minutes ago, 0hi0 said:

RIP, we have all done illegal things on bikes. Tsk tsk to some of you. If you don't have a bit of hooligan in you: SELL YOUR BIKE---POSER 

I was thinking along those same lines. It's amazing that I made it through my teens and twenties,but I imagine most people that experience life will say the same thing.Some folks don't make it...there but by the grace of God go I.


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23 minutes ago, Wolfman1 said:

Never been a fan of lane splitting, it's too risky and Ohio drivers are all asshats! RIP brother!

Ohio drivers do seem to be more likely to be an asshat about that type of behaviour but lane splitting can be done safely. From the reports I'm guess these individuals were traveling at very high speeds and were probably going much faster than the cars they were passing. That is a very high risk. Passing cars slowed or stopped due to congestion with ~10mph speed difference is a safe and efficient manner to split. It appeared to be the norm for motorcycles I saw in the LA area. Ofcourse "normal" traffic in LA appeared worse than a bad rush hour in OH. 


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4 hours ago, drc32-0 said:

About one week of driving/riding in LA traffic or Bay Area traffic you'll understand why they have legal lane splitting.

I was there 2 days and was really wishing I had a bike so I could split lanes, even though I never split in ohio. 

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12 hours ago, Soren said:

Ill be sure to give you the same criticism if you die doing a track day. 

Quite the opposite. Taking it to the track is doing your best to minimize the inherent dangers involved with going fast on a motorcycle. Splitting lanes at 100+ mph in a heavily congested area is asking for a darwin award, or at least an honorary mention. 

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