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The OG Guess the bike thread

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slightly less gay this time. 

Had this bike since end of april and never posted up because first i was embarrassed about ADHD and buying bike, second it was sort of materialistic thingy i never wanted to be associated ever in my life.Loving the vstrom and always riding it meant i never rode this bike at all other than some in town commute. I never liked the bike and never could forgive myself for buying it. Wanted to sell it to get the remorse down and always thought no one in OR would know except couple of folks. But since some new tires went in i been riding it bit more and the more i ride the more i love it. to the point i might even bring it to some group rides if i can get used to it. Hence to make long story short, just wanted to share the bike. At least for me i feel good and almost feel like getting a fresh breath of air when some one posts and shares their new love of life. I feel part of that happiness. Hopefully some one else gets that joy from this. 


And rather than just posting a pic and calling ti a day i thought i would make a short video to stretch that excitement 30 secs. so no more weeks of waiting and repeating the crap storm :D 



in short i am trying to say is i am not trying to show off a new bike, just sharing what i love to do which is make videos. 


watch in HD please as you might guess its a whole lot of dark room and flashing light crapshoot. 

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16 hours ago, JustinNck1 said:

Awesome video and sharp looking bike! As someone who processes video productions everyday, i understand how difficult low light can be. You did a great job.

Ty :D  This was quickly hashed up work. I put more effort into a VFR video, may because I loved it more. don't know. Still time to work on this guy a lot haha


16 hours ago, Lawrence1 said:

Yea!!! Sweet video, even sweeter bike. It has the proper stance and components for the roads I ride.

It's a Monster right?

ty, yep monster 1200. it was he looks I fell for, plus many other positive factors. But I have to admit the stance and the looks played  a major role. I feel so vain :( frowned upon by uber practicals, @Uncle Punk which I thought I was until this.

16 hours ago, Wojo72 said:



ty, if I hadn't made this hasty decision I would have went for gsx f version. Had my eyes on it since they came out. You made the perfect decision.

3 hours ago, AndonD454 said:

Impressive vid and bike

ty :)

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5 hours ago, Isaac's Papa said:

Nice bike. How many frappuccinos did you have to agree to buy?

hahah like I said just been riding around town, and sticking to stereotypes by searching for hole in the wall hipster joints was pretty much the only thing I did so far. :yuno: good part is its comfortable for two up and that was one of the reason behind choosing the monster.




(comfortable for two up which was one main reason I went for monster.)

5 hours ago, TimTheAzn said:

You sneaky sonofabitch.

hahaha I felt like cheating not telling you guys :)  I guess it would have been worse if I just showed up in the bike like "hey look at me and my shitty high cost bike" , should be getting punched in the balls

1 hour ago, Hellmutt said:

Congrats man!  How about some upskirt and full pen shots?

for sure for sure, I love the look of this guys, making me inspired to take more pics and videos for sure just like what the viffer did to me


1 hour ago, tall_tracy said:

Great video!!

I love my Monster, I was sold after a mile into the test ride...

Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk

ty,   I was so tempted to post when u did.


I feel white was a better color and sort of different on the monster compared to all previous ones.

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You have been holding out on us, I love the naked sport bikes!  Great bike Doc, now you need to bring it down to a group ride so we can check it out in person!

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20 hours ago, durk said:

Nice bike Nivin. Is this what you're riding Saturday?

My my heart is saying to ride it, brain says get used to it and till then ride the strom which I am used to by now, much better rider and safer on that. But you know what we never listen to our brains about two wheeled questions 



23 hours ago, 0hi0 said:

Anticlimactic. He said he was embarrassed to own it, thought he had a Katana or something. Nice bike, but I wouldn't own one unless it was had for cheeeeeap! 


:D what I really should have gone for was the ape, always listed about them bikes and thought of as a best step up from the Vfr v4 


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8 hours ago, 330racing said:

Doc:  Is it time to post the PM I got?  :):):)


:D In this board the best person who would understand the joy and mainly pain for motorcycle adhd is you, we should trade cycles every 6 months before trading it for yet another one. That's a good solution to lessen the heat of addiction. 

5 hours ago, Al Z. Heimer said:

Why Why Why??? Glad you finally came out of the closet. Does that make it gay? 

Hahaha soon will need a bigger closet at this rate 

12 minutes ago, Isaac's Papa said:

Your VFR would even compare to that V4 that Aprilia put out. It's like comparing a Miata to a 911 Turbo. They're both small sports cars, but one of them doesn't have a race face. The Ape is pure power and you should have definitely bought the V-4 Tuono. 

(happy sleeping.....)

:yuno: why why why, you are a monster for planting this ape crazy idea in my fragile mind :D 

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