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Kriega US40 on a 2012 Triumph Daytona 675R

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I ordered these bags from Mike at Riders Discount (thanks again Mike!!!). When they first arrived, they looked a lot smaller than I had anticipated. My old Cortech tailbag appears much larger. I decided to go ahead and try them for the Gap trip, and see just how much stuff I could fit into them. I was amazed. Yes the bike is dirty as hell in these pics. I took these while unpacking from the Gap trip. 


First, let's cover how they're attached to the bike. This picture shows the four straps connected to the subframe under the passenger/pillion seat. 



Next, this photo shows the straps sticking out from under the seat. Once we arrived at Fontana, the luggage came off and I rode like this all weekend. 



Here is how the bike looks with the luggage attached. As you can see, the larger bag (US20) attaches to the straps that are attached to the subframe under the seat. Then the two smaller bags (each US10) attach to the larger bag. It is all very sturdy and secure. 



So, how much can you fit into these things? The US20 contained all of my clothes for five days and my running shoes. How many clothes did I take for five days? Five pairs of boxers, four pairs of tall white socks, four pairs of short gray socks, four t-shirts, two pairs of shorts, one pair of jeans, one pair of running shorts, three sets of compression base layer, and of course the running shoes. And yes, you're looking at my dirty underwear. Feel that tingle? That's excitement. 



Well the smaller bags can't hold that much surely... This US10 had my sleeping bag.



And this one had my Frog Toggs (in the drysack), toiletries, eyeglasses, knee pucks, and a jacket.



Obligatory following slow bikes through the Gap on the way home pic. 



So there you have it folks. You can EASILY pack for five days in the US40 on a sport bike. The tank bag of course helped. That's where I carried the stuff I'd need on the road quickly; a small can of chain lube, kickstand plate, tire gauge, battery pack, microfiber cloth, cleaner, sunglasses, water, etc. I was absolutely amazed at how much stuff I could cram into these bags. One side note; don't expect your clothes to be wrinkle free when you arrive at your destination... :) 

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Great post Ben, I am even surprised how much stuff you got in there! Really impressed with Kriega thus far, nothing but rave reviews from our customers. 

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