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bike Official F/S: 2015 Triumph 675R Danny Eslick #1 of 47 and race

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So, 100% official for sale thread.  Mods can delete the feeler thread as I will have more info here and pics.

2015 Triumph 675R LE Danny Eslick #1 of 47.  This bike was hand built by Brian Gibson (owner of Rider's Discount) for Triumph.  This was also to be given to Danny personally by the COO of Triumph, Matt Sheehan.  However, it was not and was set to reside in the Home offices of Triumph on the second floor of their main showroom.  However, when I joined Triumph, we didn't have any 675Rs available and I was sold this unit after some constant nagging.  :D

Bike was shipped as shown in the street picture.  There is no manuals or tool kit.  The rear passenger pegs and stock rear seat were never shipped, either.  Just some full disclosure items.  Bike was used for photo shoots and some two up rides for the Barber event back when it was introduced.  While riding the bike, someone did not secure the rear seat cowl and it flew off causing damage to the beautiful paint job.  Has small knicks on the plastics but is in great shape.  Had about 700 miles on it when I bought the bike.

Bike was built with the idea that they were going to do 47 total.  Each bike was to have the number it was in line painted on the front fairing near the headlight.  Due to this being the first one and hand assembled by Brian in 90 degree heat, it does NOT have the #1 painted into the red area that you will see on the other 46 units.

I also have a great email chain from Brian confirming he built the bike and certifying it to be special.  I also have a cool decal that Brian sent me that was to be placed on the bike.  I also have the certificate as seen in the pics.


Quick details:

-1288 miles.  All track for either photo shoots or track days and racing.  I have 4 days of racing on the bike...

-Clean title in hand


Street parts that are either installed or boxed up:

-2015 LE Danny Eslick Rider's Discount painted OEM fairings by Andrew Swenson. 

-Stock white gas tank as it came on the bike.  Race tank is a painted OEM stock tank to match the plastics.  Street tank does NOT have a pump in it.

-Stock OEM wire harnes and ECU

-Stock OEM ABS unit and lines

-Stock Shock linkage

-Stock triple trees

-Attack rearsets

-Triumph anodized axle blocks, oil fill and dipstick caps

-Triumph shark fin/chain guard

-Renthal rear sprocket and 520 kit with gold DID chain

-Renthal grips

-Arrow slip-on

-Triumph case cover protection kit

-Pirelli Corsa front and rear street/track tires


Race parts on the bike and being sold with as it sits:

-Ohlins front and rear.  Fronts have been revalved and shimmed with fresh oil while TTX rear the same.  Front springs with spares included.  Rear spring updated and spare included.  All suspension work done by Matt Carr at CarrMoto

-Misc gearing for 520 kit.

-Armor race plastics with custom matte white with pearl matte green clear, gloss black tail and lower, neon green accents and subframe

-Triumph Kit wire harness

-Triumph Kit ECU

-Triumph Kit idle adjust knob

-Triumph Kit block off plates

-Ohlins steering damper

-Full Arrow race exhaust

-Woodcraft rearsets

-Woodcraft clip-ons

-Woodcraft brake guard with neon green slider

-Shori Lithium Battery

-Zero Gravity windscreen

-Spiegler custom front and rear brake lines.

-Carbon fiber tank guards

-BMC air filter

-Apex Manufacturing rear shock linkage

-Apex Manufacturing rear shock plates

-Apex Manufacturing modified triple trees with insert


Motor is bone stock.  Everything was pulled apart and greased and serviced when turned to race.  Bike is seriously clean and runs amazing. 



Note:  Spares are also listed above under the stock section.  I boxed these as I wanted to keep them for someone that may want the bike as a street bike.  But, if needed, they would be used as spares.

-Stock OEM gloss white tank.  No pump.  DOES HAVE A SET OF CARBON FIBER PROTECTORS ON IT.

-Stock triple trees

-Attack rearsets complete

-Stock clip-ons

-Triumph shark fin chain guard (NEW IN BOX)

-Triumph anodized axle blocks and oil fill cap in black (NEW IN BOX)

-Triumph Kit chain tensioner kit (NEW IN BOX)

-Misc gearing

-Spare OEM subframe

-Stock windscreen

-Race Kit catalog (Digital)

-OEM Service Manual (Digital)

-Triumph Bike cover


Overall, a great bike and we have spent some time dialing in the bike for race.  Handles like a razor blade.  We just started testing and turned over to Pirelli and have all notes for Dunlop as well as what seems to be working with the Pirellis.  Will continue to develop as we have some races coming up if not sold by then.

This is a no BS bike that I am not going to split up.  I think my price is fair considering the spares, the LE factor and the idea that as a street bike, these are going for decent money.  What you see as racebikes are still holding value and with all the street stuff here, my price is inline with others that do not have anything additional.

Located in Columbus, OH and willing to deliver or meet.  Shipping would be all on you.

Asking $13,500.  Everything. 


Now to the pics:










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Oh, forgot to add the Apex swingarm pivot kit.  It is NOT installed as I did not care for the difference it made.  But, will be included and I can install for you if desired. 

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Willing to sell as JUST A RACEBIKE or JUST AS A STREETBIKE.  Streetbike comes with everything listed as street and shown in the pic above.  You wouldn't get any race related things like harness, full Arrow, clipons, etc.

Race trim would be as pictured and include the following:

-BRAND NEW Triumph Kit cam chain tensioner with sliders

-Apex swingarm pivot kit (Not on the bike currently)

-OEM Triples and linkage

I would sell the race bike for $11,500 and the street bike with all the LE history and authenticity for $10,500.  Could possibly add to either package, but I want to keep the street plastics and such together.


Here are some pics as it was this weekend.  You can look on WERA and elsewhere and find similar 675Rs, but look closely at the condition.  This is minty fresh and well maintained.  Also, it is a stock motor and I can tell you that not a single "built" Triumph pulled me and I am heavier than the other riders that were racing.  We won two races, got a 2nd and took a 4th.  The 2nd was because we only had 4 laps to get from 18th to the front and the 4th was because I was mental and just couldn't get into the mood I was on Saturday. 

The bike is more than capable and will perform well at ANY level you want it to be.  Again, not a single Henshaw motor pulled me.  Not saying they are not good.  Jamie is one of the best in the biz.  Just saying that this is not going to need the maintaining a built motor has and is exceptional as it sits.  Hell, we don't even have a PC on it!!


PHOTO CREDIT - Joe Hansen electriceyeimages.com #amavmd


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55 minutes ago, TimTheAzn said:

This is freaking awesome.

Buy it Tim! That is a sweet setup for sure!

Edited by Wolfman1

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We thought that was you/your bike out there racing. 



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Brian is a good guy to deal with, doesn't neglect his bikes, and is one hellacious rider/racer - buy with confidence folks - GLWS

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Hey nice bike, I remember the other 46 of them like it was yesterday. Bike #1 was built in the pits at Barber on Friday before the 2014 race. 


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1 minute ago, RidersDiscount said:

Hey nice bike, I remember the other 46 of them like it was yesterday. Bike #1 was built in the pits at Barber on Friday before the 2014 race. 


Thats like, my dream garage holy shit.

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