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Cbr 600 f4i torque specs

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I'm failing at the Internet tonight. Anyone have the torque specs for front and rear sprockets and the rear axel of a 2002 honda cbr 600 f4i? I've got the front at 40 (ft-lb), rear axel at 69, bolts on sprocket...?


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Front sprocket torque I'm finding is 40 ftlb.  Rear sprocket torque values likely follow the standard...

8 mm nut/bolt 16 ft-lb

10 mm nut/bolt 25 ft-lb

12 mm nut/bolt 40 ft-lb

8 mm flange nut/bolt 20 ft-lb

10 mm flange nut/bolt 29 ft-lb

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Since this is in the How-to section...here are some more specs I found as well...mind you, these are not copied directly from Honda's service manual, found them posted in another forum.  They appear to be relatively legit values though

Axle Rear Nut: 69 ftlb.
Front Axle bolt: 43 ftlb.
Front axle pinch bolt: 16 ftlb.
Fork, lower triple pinch bolt: 29 ftlb.
Fork, upper triple pinch bolt: 17 ftlb.
Front brake caliper mounting bolt: 22 ftlb.
Rear brake caliper bracket bolt: 20 ftlb.

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41 minutes ago, marlboro man said:

Rear sprocket should be around 45  lb make sure you use Loctite

But If you have aluminum sprockets I probably would go around 30 to 35lb i'm not going off of any repair manual just The set up and the size of the bolts 

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