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Lawsuit Calls For Columbus To Do Away With Red-light Cameras

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I would suggest that people refuse to do business within a half mile of any type of traffic camera.

Get the merchants screaming that their businesses are suffering and that might help to get rid

of the cameras.  I would not shop in Heath when they had the cameras.  I also refused to drive

thru there if I didn't have to.



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...Also, the camera purchase and maintenance fees must be paid at a flat rate - not per-ticket rate.  No more private companies profiting from each ticket.

Exactly that. It was a feeding frenzy. Private companies that were not accountable, generating revenue at an ever increasing pace, with no regard for anything except their own income. Enough is enough, they went too far.

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The concept is not unconstitutional - just the "private" and "civil" execution that companies and cities have adopted. If the alleged violation videos were reviewed by a sworn officer who then wrote a ticket based upon that, and the ticket goes through the normal court system with due process just like a ticket handed to you by a cop in person.... the constitutional concerns of due process, right to face accuser etc are addressed.

If done correctly...

- The due process is the same as an actual ticket - because it would be an actual traffic ticket.

- The accuser is the cop who reviewed the violation. Just like a burglary of a business closed for the night - the cop would view the video and the charges flow from there.

Truth. Bitch all ya want, but I see at least one red light run per day. Saw a guy almost get flattened in a crosswalk a couple weeks back by a dimwit in a panel van that was IN A BIG HURRY. Cost? Are you kidding? How much does a union cop in a cruiser cost for the same result?

I don't run red lights now, won't in the future. One and only exception is when the bike won't set off the sensor, which I think there is a legal exception for anyway.

As a side note, the wife and MIL went to London on vaca about a month ago. Not a cop in sight. All cameras. FWIW.

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