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4/20 Wayne ride!!!

max power

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I call a spot in that sweet new camper!

I call dibs on taking the first deuce in the new camper:D

You guys are not very nice, I am pretty sure when Gump see's what you two are planning for his pop up he is not going to be happy!! :nono::p

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:lol:This camper is getting pretty full!

Friday works for me, Cathy said last night she would make breakfast for everyone Saturday morning just need to know how many to plan on. :bbq:

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oh yea and if anyone wants me to haul their 4willer down let me know ill have my 14ft trailer with only mine on it so lots of room and ill be coming right through c-bus from the north

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If its just me to worry about im prob just going to crash in the back of my Tahoe, but if anyone else wants some shelter with heat i can bring my bigger tent and buddy heater. It will fit 3 air beds with room to spare and the heater will keep it 70deg even when it gets to 20 outside(we found that out at bristol one year)

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