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Found 7 results

  1. 2008 Yamaha R6, bought brand new in late 08. Clean title in hand... $6,900 Will update with miles. Roughly 9,000 Goodies Supersport built motor by Indianapolis Ducati Bazzaz FI Unit with dual map switch, tuned to Sunoco 260gtx or U4.4 Manual cam chain tensioner BMC filter Full titanium Akrapovic exhaust MotionPro rev2 throttle Ohlins 20mm fork piston kit New vesrah pads Galfer stainless lines Vortex clip ons Pazzo short levers GPR v4 steering damper Bazzaz quickshifter with new sensor and timing adjuster, GP shift Optimal racing bodywork Paint by 614paintworx DID 520 chain Slew of vortex rear sprockets Stock rearsets Stock rear shock Stock rotors Stock wheels painted to match Maybe forgetting something Marvic magnesium wheels Brembo rotors available for more $$ Bike will be available after 10/15/17 Located in Columbus Ohio
  2. Shoop

    FZ6 Pointers

    Hey @Tonik, I didn't want to add a lot of stuff to the happy thread about your purchase so I thought I'd start a separate one here. First, if you're interested in the FZ6 you REALLY need to visit the FZ6 forum at 600Riders.com. It's a large and well moderated site with a huge amount of info and help that's specific to the FZ6. MOST IMPORTANT - I love this bike. You've already bought one so I don't need sell it to you. Please don't take my list, below, as any indication that I see these things as problems. They're just things you should know about. OK, next a quick list of comments that everybody makes. The clutch requires a strong pull and has a very narrow engagement zone. You'll get used to it. It helps to lube the cable every year or so. The chain needs to have 2" slack when on the center stand. She gets fussy and whines if it's too tight. Check this after anybody else changes or moves your wheel because most bikes do not need 2". (Justin did it right.) The speedo is probably reading higher than actual by 5% or more. My first mod was to add a SpeedoDRD device that corrects the speedometer reading. Mine required a -4.5% correction. That doesn't sound like much but I'm a measurement guy and it really bugged me. Pauly is correct. The most important improvement you can make on this bike is to improve the front suspension. You're a bit lighter than I am so you might not mind it as much, but the springs are very soft. The easiest fix is to just change the springs. But I got a great deal on a set of forks from an R6 which is a very popular mod. Check the FZ6 forum. With a set of spacers fabbed by a guy on the FZ6 forum, the replacement was super simple and the handling was much improved - like - OMG - why did I wait??? The shifter can be a bit clunky but it is solid. Before the first cold weather you should lube the external linkages on the shifter, especially at the rubber boot just above the left footpeg. If left too long the shifter will get fussy and almost refuse to shift down. Major PITA when this happened to me first time a few weeks after I bought the bike third-hand. Was terrified that I'd have major bills for tranny work, but a few drops of lithuim spray did the trick. Found that on the forum. The kill switch can be a problem and can fail and be hard to diagnose. Best to just use the ignition to shut down. That was my habit anyway. The electrical system is a bit light. People have had problems with heated gear. If you jump start the bike, the car must NOT be running or you will fry the the R/R. If you're happy with the mirrors - just leave them. But I had difficulty seeing much behind me so I replaced mine with mirrors from an R6. Simple bolt-match change-out. The R6 mirrors extend a tiny bit more to the side, which improves the view, but have less rise which puts them closer to the bars and control levers. Many people complain about the handlebars, particularly about the sweep angle of the stock bars. For a larger diameter, try grip buddies. They are vibe deadening also. Many people try the much straighter and flatter FZ1 bar, but most find they need to add a riser adaptor to stay clear of the tank. Some try the FZ6R bars which are in between. (The FZ6R is not an FZ6 - close, but not quite.) If you want to try them I have the FZ6R bars (free). They were too close to my mirrors and I don't think the sweep was really bothering me. About the pipes - Justin is correct, mine are stock but one of the two prior owners had somebody do a nice clean job of opening them and removing most of the baffles. I've heard recordings of projects like this that did not turn out well but I like the sound that resulted with mine. Not too loud. Not at all wheezy. If you decide to lose the rear fender, consider the R&G fender eliminator. Good quality and it accomodates the oval shape of the existing signal stalks. That's all for now. Chris
  3. As much as it pains me to do this, it is time for my bikes to go for sale. Up for sale first is my main race bike, my R6. SV will be coming up soon. 2006 Yamaha R6 Location: Hilliard, OH Clean Title IN HAND - currently setup as a track bike, but can be converted back to street bike if you want with the included OEM plastics Price: $6500 obo for everything This current price will include the following: - 3 sets of bodywork (2 sets of Attack Performance Race bodywork, 1 set of OEM plastics with lights and the stock tank) - EACH SET HAS A WINDSCREEN - Grey set is currently on/ with green tank and tank sliders - Green/pearl white has been attached prior to paint but never used/ridden with - Spare wheel set with brake rotors and Michelin tires - Pit bull front triple tree stand and rear spool stand - New Lockhart Phillips tire warmers - ETI Tank sliders and Tank Grip pads - Power Commander III, Ignition Module, and Quickshifter - Vortex case covers, vortex rear sets, vortex clip ons - Woodcraft frame sliders - Driven Rear /Swingarm sliders and front axle sliders - BMC High Flow air filter - Arrow full Titanium exhaust system - GPR steering damper - Ohlins 20mm fork setup with 1.0 spring rate - Penske triple clicker rear shock with shock cover - Speigler front brake lines with Carbon Lorraine pads - New Pitbull 520 sprocket kit with EK chain (3 different rear sprocket sizes) - Fully safety wired - New Bikemaster battery - Dynotuned a few years ago by Brian at DynoTune Motorsports - Suspension work has always been done by Reuben at 35 Motorsports - Michelin race tires currently on main set of wheels with plenty of life Bike is bulletproof and ready to ride with everything done, only reason I am selling everything is I have no longer been riding and hate to see it continue to just sit. PLEASE PM WITH ANY DIRECT QUESTIONS! THANKS
  4. SOLD SOLD SOLD Up for sale are my Back up wheels I purchased from BMMW earlier this year, I got them to use with my rain tires and realized my bawls aren't big enough for them. so bought, rains mounted, and they have been sitting in my house ever since. no longer needed as I picked up a set of Marvic Mag wheels. 2006-2013 current Yamaha R6 wheels and rotors, NO cush drive, sprocket. exactly as I received them 1.5 year old Pirelli Rains, 2 laps at Putnam on them from last year as I got them from a friend ASKING $375, preferred pick-up, willing to drive a bit to help deliver, shipping little extra, located in Columbus, Ohio first pic is the one BMMW used, second is mine with the tires mounted
  5. Ok guys, I've had a few people ask for this over the last day so why not. I will be updating as we accomplish things... So over the last few years I've been racing off and on between coaching and playing around. After taking a Hwt Twins championship and 7th in 600 superbike novice in 2017. I've decided to take my Racing a bit more serious. I know other than WERA and CCS it wont go anywhere, but its all about the fun for me. The second it becomes a chore or I'm not having fun it's time to stop. That said my buddy Joe and I decided that if we are going to do it... lets start fresh. I'll post here too but PLEASE check out Turn One Racing on FB it's my friends race shop where we are doing all the work. and he is my main "Sponsor" this upcoming year. So I present to you Rabbit's (Jason) Turn One Racing Yamaha R6 Racebike build.
  6. If you're looking to upgrade your Yamaha YZF-R6V 2006-17's exhaust, look no further than the Yoshimura Alpha T Titanium Full System. The Alpha T utilizes a tapered conical sleeve that produces a higher "GP" tone than the Alpha. This exhaust features Yoshimura's new Works Finish. Works Finish takes on a unique coloring after it goes through a heat cycle on the motorcycle. Some of the benefits of Works Finish include: Contemporary satin/matte finish Uniform heat coloration Increased fatigue strength Increased scratch and stain resistance Compared to the stock exhaust, the Alpha T reduces the weight of your bike by over 13 pounds while increasing its performance. Constructed from carbon fiber and titanium, the Alpha T is sure to enhance the look of your bike. MSRP $1,999.00 Note: this exhaust is designed and intended for closed course competition use only. Not yet listed on our website, you can order your Yoshimura Alpha T Full System for Yamaha YZF-R6V 2006-17 by calling MIKE at 866.931.6644 ext. 804. Is email more convenient? Send us a private message through this forum or write to us at FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM, and we'll get back to you right away!
  7. Hi All, I've recently gotten an 08 Yamaha R6 and need to replace the fairings. Does anyone have recommendations on where to get full fairing sets? Also, would this be something that I can do myself? Thanks in advance!
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