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Found 8 results

  1. until
    Friday July 14th is the LCAP 3rd Annual Show Your Ride Car Show. All cars, trucks and motorcycles are encouraged to register for a chance at several trophies & awards. Show time is 5-8pm. C'mon down!!
  2. http://www.hondamotorsports.net/custompage.asp?pg=preowned
  3. http://cdn-2.psndealer.com/e2/dealersite/images/hondamotorsports/tailgate_final650.jpg
  4. New the forum. About 3 years young on motorcycles. I went to school for Automotive Technologies, graduated, got hired at a cnc machine shop. That was all about 13 years ago. Job now has nothing to do with engines or that fun stuff. Anyway, here is what me and my little brother are beginning to button up. Anybody want to try to guess what 2 motorcycles we smashed together?
  5. The motorcycle store I work at, Premier Cycle Accessories in Mentor, is closing for good after seven years and as a result, I'm being laid off pretty soon. With that being said, I'm looking for another job. I've enjoyed my time up here but it is what it is. I am determined to stay in the motorcycle industry as I have enjoyed my work duties in the various positions I've held in several motorcycle-related businesses over the past few years. But I'm always up for something different. Any leads or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Of course I could return to the education field if the opportunity is right. I'm open to positions in Ohio or on either coasts, and if it involves travel, I'd enjoy that too. Although I am in NE Ohio right now, I may be returning to Columbus or possibly heading to another part of Ohio at the end of the summer. That is pretty much dependent on my job situation by then. Even a suggestion or recommendation would be great. Please feel free to peruse my LinkedIn profile (http://linkedin.com/in/christinemalazarte/) or PM me for a copy of my resume. Thanks! With that being said, my store is liquidating all of their in-stock merchandise. Head over to pca-one.com and snag some goodies at discounted prices!
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