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Found 4 results

  1. Located in Cincinnati OH (45242) SOLD Mileage ~7,400 (may increase) Clear title in hand. No test rides without cash in hand. I'm on the fence about selling but thought I would dangle it out there just the same. I love this bike. Hands down the best I've ever owned. Great power, handling and comfortable to ride. However, I've had three knee surgeries (the most recent in April) and sitting with my knee as bent as it needs to be on this bike becomes very uncomfortable for me within 15 minutes or so. So much so that it makes me not want to ride. I mostly use it for commuting (~50mi round trip) and I've ridden it to work maybe 5 or 6 times this year. Wherever I go, people stop me and ask about the bike. You don't see many around, especially this color and it gets noticed. I will probably end up getting something like a new Vstrom 1k or a Super Tenere. I bought the bike used (was a trade in) from a dealer and it had ~2200 miles in April of 2012. All farkles/mods done by me. I don't baby my bikes but it's well cared for, always garaged and hasn't been abused, wheelied or crashed. The only time it's seen rain is the day I bought it (all the way from Columbus - doh!), otherwise, I do not ride in the rain. I've changed the oil 4 times in the 2+ years I've owned it which is way more than needed but it's easy and cheap to do. Once mid season and once before winter storage and I always use full synthetic oil. I always leave it on a trickle charger when sitting for any length of time. It's ready to ride! IMO it's perfectly set up with the following: > Healtech GiPro gear indicator > Dual Yoshimura Titanium cans with CF tips > Power Commander V (perfectly tuned, no backfires!) > Real Pazzo adjustable levers > Pro-Bolt orange accessories (oil cap, rear brake res cap, various bolts) > Kawasaki tall Screen > Muzzy's Fender Eliminator > Rascal Graphix Z1000 Tank Pad > Rhino bar-ends with Arrow mirrors > Sargent Seat (driver only) with custom orange welt > K&N air filter (changed the end of last season) > SpeedMetal front/rear spools (I'll also throw in the stands) > OES frame sliders > Michelin Pilot Road III front/rear (~1500 mi) I also have parts not shown on the bike... > Rizoma "Elisse" Mirrors > Stock seat, mirrors, exhaust, wind screen if you want them. > SW-MOTECH Blaze Sport Saddlebag System (was $350 new). I have some older pics with these on the pics if interested in seeing it. Great for commuting/touring Disclosures (see pics): > It's only been "down" once - taking it out of the garage this spring, it fell over in the driveway, partially in the mulch bed. Ugh. The result is a slightly scraped crankcase and the chin spoiler has a small crack. Not really noticeable unless you are looking closely. > The PO put a small nick in the tank (zoomed out pic). Either he or the dealer 'repaired' it but it's still visible. Never bothered me so I've never done anything about it. > There are a few paint chips on the front scoop from rocks or something and the tail has a small wear mark from the saddle bags
  2. Selling my 2011 Z1K, I am the original owner and put 21,000 pleasurable miles on this beast. Still has many more miles in her. The motorcycle has been down...at around 14,000 miles, but I put it back together - mostly cosmetic damage, but I did replace the gas tank, bars, and headlight along with some fairings. Obviously I have put 7000+ miles on it since - the bike is straight, will make a great deal for someone. Many of the OR Board members can vouch for the capability of this motorcycle. I have ridden with many of you, Pauly has worked on it (and rode it), and other have ridden it. Please PM me for details if truly interested...I have put it on OR before anywhere else to give somebody a good deal. Thanks for looking Dave G.
  3. I think it may be about time that I sell my beloved Z1000 After my third knee surgery, the last being in late April, I've had issues sitting for moderate periods of time with my leg bent at acute angles without having a fair amount of pain that creeps in. The greater the bend, the quicker it begins to hurt. Surgery was done to repair some cartilage and it prior to the surgery, I was having severe pain so surgery did help. It just wasn't a cure. I've been commuting the last month or so on my Z (~35-40 min ride) and about halfway through, I get serious a knee ache. I'm going to give it a little more time to see if it improves (it has, a little) but I have quite a bit of arthritis in my knee thanks to age and numerous injuries and that's not going away. It has bothered me for years but now it's worse to the point that it makes me not want to ride the Z at all. I had planned on getting something more comfortable anyway (i.e. maybe a Super Tenere) but I was going to keep the Z for those times when I wanted something sportier. Now, I'm not so sure. Maybe I should've titled the thread, 'what a drag it is getting old'.
  4. The new Z1000 is supposed to be announced today. There have been some images leaked and a video...I'm not all that enthused with the design of the front but the rest looks nice. Can't wait to hear the engine specs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-X30h9s1Vc
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