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Found 66 results

  1. TimTheAzn

    part WTB: GSXR 1000 k8 brake lever

    WTB: GSXR 1000 k8 brake lever. Let me know what you got.
  2. From bike with 62 miles on it. OEM front fork springs rear shock headlight and brackets speedo and cable handlebars top triple clamp and risers white gas tank white front fender stator coil and regulator rear tail light. License bracket Moose lowering links stock seat footpeg mounts and pegs and more $150 takes it all. Pickup only 44221
  3. Gump

    part VFR plastic push in clips

    2007 VFR plastic push in clips. 90683-GAZ-003 Paypal me $2 and I’ll mail you one. Pm me. Or you can order them from Aliexpress and wait a month.
  4. theroamr

    part Shinko e804/805 for sale

    Brand new 110/80/19 front and 150/70/17 rear. Brand new still has sale stickers on them. Never mounted. $100.00 plus shipping.
  5. Brand new Pirelli Angel GT A Specs. OR Price $250. https://cleveland.craigslist.org/mcy/d/pirelli-angel-gtzrzr-17/6583102113.html
  6. I am going to start parting out my 04 600rr track bike. I believe it spun a bearing but I don't feel like pulling the bottom end. The top end has been pulled and is in good condition. This was a street bike that I converted to a track bike. I have a clean title for the bike that I would get rid of with the frame. I have both street and track fairings. I also have multiple sets of wheels. I plan to start listing parts on eBay next weekend but wanted to post here first to see if anyone needs anything.
  7. TimTheAzn

    part WTB: iPhone7/8 Plus

    Anyone have one they are about to get rid of and rather sell instead?
  8. wolfeman28

    part WTB- Set of junk tires

    Need a set of take offs/dry rotted/no tread/etc tires. I'm doing some frame mods to my race build and can't go any further without tires and rims mounted. Don't need a good set for this, just something that holds air. None of the tire places will give me a set of old tires for liability reasons. Need a 120/70-17 and 180/55-17
  9. vf1000ride

    part 2006 Triumph Sprint ST side bags

    Looking to sell my side bags from my 2006 Triumph Sprint ST, asking $450 for the pair, willing to meet half way for someone outside of the CBUS area, shipping would be actual cost. They are the Sunset Red color but different panels are still available from Triumph can be replaced for other color bikes. Not sure if they are the same bags for later model years though. The one bag has a fair dent in the paint, looks kinda like a scratch but it's indented and the paint is still in it, see the photos. They come with one key for the locks. All of the locking cams are in good shape. This is just the bags, none of the mounting brackets or hardware is included.
  10. Looking to buy some used race fairings for the CBR. Doubt anyone on here has any sitting around but you never know.
  11. Helmutt

    part ZX14 wheels and other misc

    2 sets of wheels from a 2008 ZX14. Both sets are used, but in good working order. The black set does have a couple large nicks in the rear wheel from, what I assume to be, a tire machine clamp where the seller had dismounted tires prior to selling to me - but I've ridden these for hundreds of street miles, and at speeds over 160 at a trackday, and they perform just fine. Gold set comes with spacers, all wheel bearings and seals installed, cush hub assembly, stock rear sprocket, and front disc gaskets. $250 shipped. Black set w/used Dunlop Q2s mounted ( 1 trackday + 400 miles - still good life in the tires, but I have a NoMar machine and can dismount tires if not wanted ), no spacers but all wheel bearings and seals are installed, cush hub assembly, stock rear sprocket, and front disc gaskets. $300 shipped with tires, $250 shipped without. Sorry, the new Dunlop Q3 rear tire pictured is already sold
  12. This crowd might be more apt to appreciate a pristine low mileage 454. Belongs to my friend Lisa, who lives in Charlotte, but does get up to Ohio periodically to visit family - especially if anyone is seriously interested in this. https://charlotte.craigslist.org/cto/d/1992-chevy-c2500-silverado/6351445481.html I have no idea if her price is crazy high ($10,000 for a 25 yr old truck?), but it's in amazing condition for its age, and could practically be a show vehicle if you were into that, or it could pull a boat or whatever else you wanted it to do...
  13. 330racing

    part Teknic saddlebags

    Barely used. 60.00
  14. As the title states, looking for a 2008-2012 Ninja 250 (EX250-J) oem exhaust. Just need the muffler.
  15. Any of you squids have one of these laying around gathering dust? If so, contact me and I can throw some $$ your way. Needs to be 2001 or 2002 stock GSXR1000 muffler. Thanks
  16. I bought these for my 2006 600rr when I had it and never installed them. Apparently I opened the package though. $20 picked up in NEO
  17. This is a long shot, but does anyone have a spare right mirror for a 2009 Suzuki Boulevard s40? I know basically nothing changes on the bike from year to year, so I assume most stuff is interchangeable (don't quote me on that though). If anyone has one, I'd really appreciate it. I'll obviously cover shipping and however much you want for it. Thanks guys!
  18. Bad324

    part 2 4ft piece of E-Track

    Found these in the attic 2 pieces and gray, think they are 4ft sections. Pick up only $20
  19. I'm just wondering if anyone has a decent left Kawasaki grip that they would take a couple dollars for. I'm planning to switch handlebars and want to be able to swap them back if needed without messing with the grip. (I'm planning to get Bikemaster Superbike bars, or maybe Euro bars.) Looks like this:
  20. I've got a few sets of race take offs.. all have minimal use on track and would make perfect track day tires. Mostly 190 rears, maybe a 180 or two in there. All are 120 fronts. Localed in Blacklick (east side of Columbus) come pick up and get out of my garage. $50 for the entire stack. You take 1, you take all! 👌🏽
  21. 330racing

    part New set of roadsmart 2 tires

    180 55 17. And 120 70 17 Never used. 225.00
  22. MagnaDeuce

    part ISO Used Tires

    I have an old KZ250 that was basically gifted to me. I have very limited funds but this Kawasaki needs new tires, it's been sitting for 7 years. I was hoping if anyone had any used tires of its size. 2.75-18F and 4.16-16R I think 90/90-18 & 120/90-16 would fit. I don't mind paying used prices but I cant spend 150 bucks for tires on a bike that I may not ride for more than a year. Thanks guys.
  23. APCh8r

    part WTB: 2nd gen SV650 Fuel Pump

    I need the entire assembly that comes out of the tank if anyone has a spare. Trying to get mine running and there are a few things broken on it and figured it would be easier to replace with a fully functional unit.Thanks,Nick
  24. Limitedslip7

    part Ohlins Rear Shock: 2003-2004+? R6

    I have an Ohlins rear shock for an R6, fits 2003-2004, I think 2005 too. Everything seems to be in good condition. $400 + shipping.