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Found 93 results

  1. I bought these a month or so after I got my S1000XR when Bridgestone was having that rebate fiasco where some were getting double rebates thinking I might get a deal. These are the same tires that came stock on my bike. I’ve decided to try some other tires and don’t want these to sit around for another season or two. The tires perform really well, plenty sticky...I buzzed around the gap with them in the rain and dry with @Tonik with no issues. I've gotten about 4500 miles on them and are now getting a little thin so I'm going to re-shoe before taking any trips this year. I've had them in the shrink wrap stored in my cool, dry climate controlled basement. Brand new, still in the wrap (I pulled the front out for the side wall pic). Sizes: 120/70 ZR 17 58W 190/55 ZR 17 75W Date code says 1515 (15th week, 2015). You can expect to pay retail well over $300 for the pair. I'm asking $150 with local pickup (or I can meet partway). Priced to sell, I don't feel like having a long, drawn out sale.
  2. ludwb675

    part Mid-O Gift Certs

    Selling two Mid-O gift certs that expire at the end of this year. $157.50 each.
  3. Factory drivers are 450 bucks. This is a one of a kind custom built driver. Only used once and works perfectly well. 1 dollar. OR price .99
  4. flashesbuck

    part Track day pass

    From what I can see, I have booked myself solid again, for the entire summer. I have a track pass that I purchased late 2017 and will be valid until November this year. I really wanna go, but life happens. Im only asking what I paid $157.50.
  5. Before I go and buy new parts I wanted to see if anyone had a phone mount and a USB charger.
  6. MidgetTodd

    part Free phone mount

    The bike I just picked up has a universal phone mount. Personally I don’t see the point or use them. I’ll be removing it tonight when I tear the bike down and go thru it. Free to anyone who wants to come get it or I’ll just toss it. It’s this one https://www.amazon.com/Bike-Motorcycle-Cell-Phone-Mount/dp/B015UIPMH2
  7. Like the title says I have a old Tomtom Rider 1. This is the very first motorcycle purpose built GPS unit. These things have their quirks and issue but it does work. I used it as a back up GPS on my connie to my phone for a few years. Comes with a mount that mounts to a tech mount type configuration, a 12volt power cord and a AC adapter. I has its charging quirks while on the mount but ive done some hillbilly rigging to help it and the touch screen is a bit miscalibrated you just have to tap a little above where you want. You can recailbrate but it's a pain. It work for the most part and it's free. Like I said would like someone to get some use out of it not just take because it's free. Don't really want to piss with shipping or dropping off so personal pick up is preferred.
  8. Trumpology101

    part Looking for a front end CBR or GSXR

    Trying to convert my front end, looking for a CBR or GSXR someone is parting out or salvage. 01-17 GSXR1000 97-17 GSXR600 & 750 03-14 CBR600RR 04-07 CBR1000RR If anyone's got anything In those years give me a holler and we can try to work something out.
  9. LongDogRacing

    part Assorted OEM bodywork from '07 SV650

    '07 burgundy. pretty much all the stock bodywork and headlight unit from an S model. right side of the main upper has minor rash. Will get images up at some point. located in Springfield, OH. $110 takes the lot. Prefer not to ship.
  10. LongDogRacing

    part FS: used bodywork for 1gen R6

    As the title suggests, I've got a set of bodywork for a 1gen R6 (1999 to 2002 ish?) Includes an upper, lower, and supersport tail section. They are in good shape. Painted black with yellow number plates. Perfect for someone on a budget! $125.... OR YOUR BEST OFFER <----- (for those that know me, you know that my OBO's are quite generous...) Springfield, OH 45502. Would prefer pickup, as shipping bodywork is usually an expensive hassle. Email me with any questions: LongDogRacing@gmail.com
  11. I'll take 350 to a Ohio riders membe Only selling because I purchased a house that has a smaller yard. https://cleveland.craigslist.org/grd/d/brunswick-cub-cadet-riding-mower-38/6773435268.html
  12. motocat12

    part Free foam grips

    Had these on for a few months. left grip was (i thought) rubber cemented on and it just started slipping. 1 cm trimmed off both grips 120mm left, 1 cm wedge pulled off throttle grip when removing .
  13. This crowd might be more apt to appreciate a pristine low mileage 454. Belongs to my friend Lisa, who lives in Charlotte, but does get up to Ohio periodically to visit family - especially if anyone is seriously interested in this. https://charlotte.craigslist.org/cto/d/1992-chevy-c2500-silverado/6351445481.html I have no idea if her price is crazy high ($10,000 for a 25 yr old truck?), but it's in amazing condition for its age, and could practically be a show vehicle if you were into that, or it could pull a boat or whatever else you wanted it to do...
  14. Looking for CHEAP or free functioning front master cylinder for use on a test stand. Any brand, dont care. I am just setting up a caliper test stand. Wahtcha got? PM please.....
  15. I bought this a few years ago. It's been used very little, less than 10 hours. It has been stored properly. I have the manual for it. It has a Subaru motor. It starts easily and runs like a Subaru. https://www.ridgid.com/us/en/3600-watt-powered-portable-generator They are on Amazon for $850. Pretty sure (IIRC) I paid $600 for it at Home Depot. I'll sell for $400. Possible trade for a glock.
  16. Brand new Pirelli Angel GT A Specs. OR Price $250. https://cleveland.craigslist.org/mcy/d/pirelli-angel-gtzrzr-17/6583102113.html
  17. I'm just wondering if anyone has a decent left Kawasaki grip that they would take a couple dollars for. I'm planning to switch handlebars and want to be able to swap them back if needed without messing with the grip. (I'm planning to get Bikemaster Superbike bars, or maybe Euro bars.) Looks like this:
  18. Looking for a used Harley sportster seat (2 up seat) I've got a '14 harley 48 and would like to take the kid on some rides this summer.
  19. jhughes

    part F.S. 06-12 Daytona 675 wheels

    Got a set of wheels i dont need . $300 in Chesterland OH
  20. I just bought this bag and it is awesome. It worked great on the Z1000. Unfortunately, on the new bike, it doesn't work out. It gets in the way when I try to corner. Very gently used bag. No magnets, no Straps. Quick disconnect for easy transport. Like New Condition. Holds quite a bit of stuff for only being 4L. Comes with velcro pouch also that covers window. Brand new these are $100-110 + mounting kit (20$/kit). Will come with the the BF01 mounting kit and BF04 mounting kit. BF01 is for Suzuki, BF04 is for Kawasaki. Make me an offer. Can negotiate transfer.
  21. expressions of interest? rsv4 size . The guy I'm buying wheels from offered them. If you get me rims by saturday am (between columbus and Lexington kty)may be able to get them mounted on his nomar.
  22. Cmpfreak88

    part Monster 1200S Wheels/Tires

    Just listed this on CL, got a different set of wheels for my Monster so these came off. They're in great condition, just a bit dusty right now. These came off a '14 Monster 1200S, should be able to fit other similar single-sided swingarm Duc's. Link below, email there, or my username here at gmail.com for faster response as I'm not checking on here often! https://dayton.craigslist.org/mpo/d/ducati-monster-1200s-wheels/6741781605.html
  23. I have some Dunlop slicks for sale that I am wanting to sell off entirely. Switching to Pirelli and need to move these bad boys... NOTE: These were run on my open class bikes and my 675R. We were running the 200 US slick rear on the 675R with success. Helped a ton in edge grip. Will fit 5.5"-6" rear rims. In fact, most guys are running the 200 rear. Fronts are all the same. Just a note in case you were wondering. On the Dunlop DOTs, we were running the 190 rear which was better. NEW: Dunlop UK 302 120/70 front. One of the best fronts I have EVER raced on. Wears like iron and if you do track days, will last forever it seems. We go through very few fronts... Dunlop US Hi-Temp 200/55 rear. Brand New and really meant for a track like Mid-O and temps at around 80 plus degrees. Can be used in the 70-75 range temp days, but will not last as long. LIGHT USE: Dunlop UK 302 125/75 front. Yes, wider and taller. Helps with chatter. No chassis geometry changes needed. Stiffer side wall and is probably the stickiest tire I have ever used. Wears like a 302 does, but turns a bit faster. Better edge grip as well. Maybe has 10 laps on it. Dunlop UK 102 120/70 front. Yes, 102. And this is a rare to find tire. These were AMA race only fronts. Essentially same compound as 302 so wears great. Just has a stiffer carcass and again, used for chatter issues. Especially awesome at Mid-O where chatter happens in 2 and into Thunder. Has about 20 laps on it. Dunlop US 7455 120/70 front. Has 30 laps. Best US front made. Wears like a UK 302 front does. But, I feel it has better feeling through the front. Dunlop US 7455 120/70 front. Has 30-40 laps on it. See above description. Does have more laps but easily capable of track day running or dare I say race practice. Dunlop US 7455 200/55 rear. Has 30-40 laps. Was mated with the 7455 above with same laps. Ran these new at Mid-Ohio at the twilight. Did get a wear line showing but feel it will clean up with proper psi and setup. Just didn't get a chance to run them again at Putnam as testing Pirellis... Easily able to run more laps. Just needs to be watched and cleaned up. Should be easy. OTHERS: Dunlop US 8477 GPA Pro NTec 120/70 front. Has maybe 20 laps on it. 8477 is the best wearing front. A little harder compound, but exceptional for tracks like Mid-Ohio and Putnam. Dunlop US 8477 GPA Pro NTec 120/70 front. Has maybe 30-40 laps on it. See above description. Dunlop US 8477 GPA Pro NTec 190/60 rear. Married to the matching DOT front above. Has maybe 20 laps on it. 8477 is the best wearing rear. A little harder compound, but exceptional for tracks like Mid-Ohio and Putnam. Dunlop US 8477 GPA Pro NTec 190/60 rear. Married to the matching DOT front above. Has maybe 30-40 laps on it. See above description. I am willing to sell the WHOLE LOT at once. Great track day starter kit or maybe a guy racing on a budget. Solid tires and great wear and life. I will email/text you pics upon request. I promise they are solid tires and anyone who has bought tires from me can attest the wear and price. Matt Carlisle bought a pick up truck full and they were as described... These are the same. I WILL SELL THE ENTIRE SET OF TIRES INCLUDING THE DOTs for $700. Or, prices as follows for sets or individuals... Dunlop NEW set: $200 Dunlop light use fronts (302, 102 and 7455): $100 each or $250 for all three Dunlop 7455 set: $150 Dunlop DOTs both sets: $275 Switching to Pirelli so needing these gone to pay for the new tire lot. Willing to meet or deliver. Just PM for details or questions. Motivated to sell it all!
  24. Has 200 miles on it..fits ninja 1k. Carbon can. 1300 new....950.00 obo
  25. MidgetTodd

    part 04 -07 1000RR K&N Filters

    A pair of K&N Air Filters for 2004-2007 Honda 1000RR. Probably fit other years, bikes and such but the RR is what I know they fit. K&N # HA-1004 Cleaned and ready to Oil and use. $40 Can meet anywhere between Zanesville and Columbus