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Found 23 results

  1. Just listed this on CL, got a different set of wheels for my Monster so these came off. They're in great condition, just a bit dusty right now. These came off a '14 Monster 1200S, should be able to fit other similar single-sided swingarm Duc's. Link below, email there, or my username here at gmail.com for faster response as I'm not checking on here often! https://dayton.craigslist.org/mpo/d/ducati-monster-1200s-wheels/6741781605.html
  2. 2018 Ducati Panigale V4 - The Panigale V4 replaces the iconic 1299 at the top of the Ducati supersport range, doing so by enhancing performance and ridability so that riders of all skill levels can enjoy boundless fun and excitement. The Panigale V4 has been developed in close collaboration with Ducati Corse, drawing directly on know-how and technology from the racing world to provide a road bike that is the closest thing possible to its MotoGP counterpart. Pre-order today @ Pony Powersports Columbus to be sure you will get one of the most exciting and epic rides to hit the streets in 2018! #ducatipanigalev4 #ponypowersports Pony Powersports Columbus Ohio's Ducati Superstore 5370 Westerville Road Westerville, Ohio 43081 www.ponypowersports.com
  3. What's up everyone... This Past weekend I was finally able to make the trek down south to Jennings GP to break the cold snap here in Ohio and ride the new to me Beastie... 2012 1199S I changed NOTHING on it mechanically just cleaned it up made it mine... there maybe some changes coming soon.. but for now.. all I can say was man its as fun as I expected it to be. shout out to Paul Finn aka Attackpainter for the very bling paint... the pics don't do it justice... there is a fine gold flake over the whole bike.. I gave him just a little direction and off he went! We may do the wheels white with the neon yellow stripe later. best time of the weekend for me was 1:23.87 very respectable for only having 3 days on the bike anyways quick pic of the old look.. then the fun stuff
  4. Ducati gear 55 usd each Alpine Stars jacket 125 usd. I got fat, cannot wear anymore!
  5. Pony Powersports would like to cordially invite you to our Ducati Experience Tour (demo days) on July 8-10 @ our dealership. We will have the following bikes fueled up and ready for you to test ride all three days: (4) Multistrada 1200S, (2) XDiavel, (1) XDiavel S, (1) Diavel Carbon, (1) Monster 1200R, (1) Monster 821, (2) 959 Panigale, (1) Hypermotard Strada, (1) Hypermotard & (2) Scramblers. *All riders and passengers must be 21 years or older and wear proper riding attire that includes DOT approved helmet, over the ankle closed-toe shoes, jacket, gloves and eye protection. All riders must also present a valid motorcycle endorsement. We look forward to seeing you on the best DUC days of Summer @ Pony Powersports July 8-10. ‪
  6. I finally picked up a new after too long. I started out giving myself a budget of half of what I spent but decided to just get what I have been wanting for a long time. I am the proud new owner of a 2011 Ducati 848evo that had less than 2500 miles on it before I picked it up today. I got a great deal on it but had to drive 3 hours north from where I am in Michigan to BFE to pick it up and ride it back. I will make it down for a run around hocking before too long. There aren't a lot of great places to ride up here where I moved in MI but it is a lot better than the flat lands they call NW Ohio.
  7. As promised, we wanted to give everyone some inside scoop on a few of the bikes we rode recently while at the Ducati Dealer Meeting in Sardinia. Todays report is on the 2017 Ducati Desert Sled. The new Desert Sled is a great motorcycle that really impressed alot of riders at the meeting. The Desert Sled reminded us of riding a supermoto on the street with the taller suspension and motocross bars. Off-road, this is a very capable machine. We test road it on some challenging uphill dirt jeep trails jumping rocks and sliding it in the turns on gravel roads with no problems. It is recommend to turn off the ABS when enjoying the off-road. We would also recommend the accessory enduro pegs which are wider than the stock pegs. Pic is of the 2017 red DUC Desert Sled accessorized with the Termi exhaust, wide pegs and cross bar pad. Due to it's anticipated popularity, you will want to place your order for this bike now with Pony Powersports. Stop in, or call 614-212-7888.
  8. until
    Come and Test Ride all the Best Ducati Bikes at Iron Pony Motorsports!
  9. Just arrived @ Pony Powersports - The 2018 Ducati Multistrada 1260 Pikes Peak edition. Why? Because mountain roads deserve to be blasted and dominated at a fast and furious pace. Come see this Italian engineered marvel today at Pony Powersports Columbus! #ducatimultistrada #ponypowersports
  10. Come see all the amazing new 2017 Ducati's that just arrived! The best of Italian speed design is at Pony Powersports Columbus. Ducati, Aprilia, Beta, Vespa & Piaggio. 5370 Westerville Road, Westerville, Ohio 43081 www.ponypowersports.com
  11. Pony Powersports is having a "Monster Of A Monster Sale" on all 2015 and 2016 new and pre-owned Ducati Monster Motorcycles. Save big on one of the hottest bikes on the street! Stop and see us @ 5370 Westerville Road, Westerville, Ohio, or call us toll-free 877-315-2453.
  12. What do you get when you put a 803cc longitudinal twin engine making 75 horsepower into a 410 pound standard motorcycle? A 2017 Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle, of course. This flat track inspired bike is a blast to ride with a comfortable riding position and plenty of power in an affordable package. Come throw a leg over this street legal beauty today at Pony Powersports!
  13. Hi kids I'm selling one of my many impulse buys from back when I still had my Ducati 998s. When I first got that bike, I went on some crazy buying binge (mostly parts but some douche-y bro-cati stuff too) and this is one of those things. I have too many watches that I actually wear regularly and since I don't have my 998 anymore and dont have plans to buy another ducati, this one is going up for sale. Buy it for yourself to get one step closer to ultimate bro-cati-dom, buy it for your loved ones who are getting close to a 2nd degree black belt in ducarati, or buy it and run it over with your clearly superior aprilia to fart in the faces of ducati lovers everywhere. Above all else, buy it because I want to buy that new federer racquet to find out I hate it like everyone else... (and maybe some cute things for my daughter so I can fill your facebooks with unwanted adorable asian baby pictures). The watch is officially licensed by ducati as part of the Ducati One Collection of watches. I'm not sure who made it, but they used a proven swiss ETA automatic movement (it's an ETA 2824, has second had and date). The case and hardware is all titanium (one of the few reasons I bought the watch since I am crazy for titanium) and the band is rubber that looks like tire treads. it's pretty gangsta whether you like ducati or not. Comes in a neato box that is wood and leather/pleather with cushions and crap. I have the box, box cover, manuals, blah blah blah. My watch probably has some inevitable faint scratches and swirl marks and whatever just from being worn a couple dozen times but very few and easily polished out. Price is $400 shipped or $375 local or make me an offer. If you are cool enough, I might give you a discount. You're probably not cool enough though, sorry. I'll take pictures of my actual watch when I get home, but here are some from the interwebs:
  14. A deal too good to pass up has come my way and sadly I don't have room for more than 2 bikes so... My beloved project/track bike is being put up for sale. I picked it up from this forum 2 years ago and it's seen 4 track days at Mid-O with me as the pilot. I'm not in a super-duper hurry to sell... looking for $2,000. Bike runs well, but it may need its valves adjusted. Has a 996 front end, sprung stock with 7.5wt oil. Stock rear shock Bike is stripped down of all non-essential electronics Fuel injected Have title, clean Rear tire is new (Pilot Power 3) Front tire has maybe 2 or 3 more track days worth of life (take-off from my street bike) Fairings repaired and repainted over the winter, sharkskinz fiberglass Woodcraft rearsets OR sticker on swingarm (essential) Somewhere between 70 and 80 horsepower, she had some engine work done (higher compression) back in her WERA days, no bore kit or anything to my knowledge Fair warning, if you're looking for a pristine bike with no blemishes or beauty marks, this is not the one for you. There are a few other members on here that can attest to the fact that the bike runs and is pretty quick for an older girl. Anyhow, pictures:
  15. Look what just landed at our facility!!! Pony Powersports would like to cordially invite you to our Ducati Experience Tour (demo days) on July 8-10 from 9am-5pm @ our dealership. We will have the following bikes fueled up and ready for you to test ride all three days: (4) Multistrada 1200S, (2) XDiavel, (1) XDiavel S, (1) Diavel Carbon, (1) Monster 1200R, (1) Monster 821, (2) 959 Panigale, (1) Hypermotard Strada, (1) Hypermotard & (2) Scramblers. *All riders and passengers must be 21 years or older and wear proper riding attire that includes DOT approved helmet, over the ankle closed-toe shoes, jacket, gloves and eye protection. All riders must also present a valid motorcycle endorsement. We look forward to seeing you on the best DUC days of Summer @ Pony Powersports July 8-10
  16. Selling off my Ninja to upgrade towards something with a more favorable seating position, day long comfort, cool electro-gadgetry, hard luggage, and NOT an I-4. Truly thought I was dead set on the new BMW R1200RS, but some private convo with a few owners on the RS forum has since deterred me. This next bike will be in my stable for a good 8-10 years, so I've been researching most of the year debating the direction I need to take so I'll continue to stay satisfied with it. The '15 Multi 1200S is really calling me at this point. It wasn't what I'd thought I was after initially, but I've since wiped my list and started over after getting lackluster ( for me ) info about the RS - further research has me considering the new Multi. Checked one out at IP Saturday and aside from not getting a test ride, I really like it. It's still something that the luggage can be taken off of in the event I'd like to take in a random trackday without a ton of extra weight to worry about. The big twin is proven and I do crave the newfound low end torque. The bike's refinement reviews are unsurpassed. I especially like the seating position better than the RS. The ergos feel good - sitting in the bike instead of on it. Wider handlebars and handguards. All controls are all well within reach. A plethra of electronic suspension adjustment. New Desmodromic variable valve timing has smoothed out the torque curve and brought it all the way across the rev range, supposedly an improvement from prior models. Longer service intervals. Wider front end helps with more protection from the elements than previous years. Onboard fuel mapping modes. Cruise. Luggage seems VERY well made. The pro's list goes on and on with little cons that I can find. Anyone have input as to whether or not the bike is truly a testament to it's solid reputation? Any qualms, quirks, issues, or failings anyone know of?
  17. Breathtakingly stylish, the new 1299 Panigale leaves no room for compromise when it comes to technical excellence. Such is the case of the new Superquadro engine with an unprecedented 116mm bore producing 205 hp of pure adrenaline and 106.7 lb-ft of stunning torque. State-of-the-art electronics ensure maximum control with the Bosch Inertial Platform. Ducati Quick Shift, both fast and precise, even for downshift. See this 2017 red demon of speed today at Pony Powersports in Columbus!
  18. So, Theresa and I have been riding 99% track for about 3 years now. maybe putting about 200miles on the street a year. This is mainly due to the hassle is was to switch back and forth from Track fairings to street bodywork, lights and so on. We have realized how much we actually did miss the street being able to go on rides(nothing more than spirited 60-80% of pace) on some back roads, going to dinner and just being on the bike more than the twice a month we were getting when going to the track. That being said, we didn't exactly get touring bikes. First off no we are NOT selling the CBR or the R6 those are staying as dedicated track bikes, and will stay that way till they no longer run haha. Second eventually these will make it to the track, just don't know when are anything else for that matter. I wanted to Say (though they are not on here) thanks to Ducati of Indianapolis. I have had the pleasure of being a CR for them for almost 2 years now. They know how to take care of a customer. Good prices, great service and amazing people work there. Do not hesitate to contact them! well enjoy.. as much as I plan on Theresa is Now Rocking a 2013 Ducati 848 EVO I decided on the 2013 Ducati Panigale
  19. http://www.ducatiusa.com/bikes/monster_1200_s/index.do http://www.asphaltandrubber.com/bikes/2014-ducati-monster-1200/ IMHO: Pros: -Ditched the giant fender, i LOVE the Diavel-style plate holder, hopefully this will be portable to the 1100EVO -Ohlins suspension option: my biggest complaint with the 1100EVO is the suspension -Bigger fuel tank Cons: -Looks like a Streetfighter and Diavel had a baby and this is what came out. Not ugly per se, but you can clearly see they mixed the two stylistically. The style is good, but overall looks substantially more bulky than the EVO, do not like that part at all. Still, looks way better than the naked Triumphs. - +30lbs dry weight, +47lbs kerb weight. - +$1500 base price, + $3000 S model Be interesting to hear it and see if the engine sounds as awesome as the 1100EVO does. No plans to swap out the EVO, but if one of these wrecks and I can steal the suspension and license plate bracket, i'll take it ;-)
  20. Watching people stop, mob and drool over the just arrived Ducati XDiavel S yesterday, we knew which bike we wanted to share with everyone today. When Ducati designers and engineers decide to update their power cruiser, everyone knows it is going to be a game changer. Not only is the XDiavel S one of the sexiest bikes we have ever seen sitting still, but with it's 1262cc Ducati Testastretta DVT (Desmodromic Variable Timing), L-Twin, 4 Desmodromically actuated valves per cylinder, Dual spark, Liquid cooled engine, it will shame many sportbikes and most cruisers with 156 horsepower at 9,500 rpm and 95 pound-feet of torque at five grand. Come see this contemporary cruiser today @ Pony Powersports Columbus and prepare to have your socks blown off. #ducatixdiavels #ponypowersports
  21. Reporting live from the 2017 Ducati Dealership conference. We got to test ride some amazing new DUC's the last few days. Super impressed with all the new 2017's throughout the line. Can't wait to share more with everyone once we return. Until then, please come to Pony Powersports and see all the new DUC's arriving daily.
  22. 2008 Aprilia RSV1000 R Factory 54xx Miles $6500 Located in Columbus, OH Clear title Please PM or email with questions, email is the same as my handle + @yahoo.com Super clean bike in excellent condition. Includes: Leo Vince dual Titanium Slip-on exhausts Brembo brakes and clutch Ohlins Suspension and Steering Damper Aprilia CF Front and Rear Fenders Factory Magnesium Wheels Woodcraft GP Shift Rearsets CRG Levers Tires are <1000 Miles - Michelin Pilot Power 3s Installed Last Year, practically new Enough Agip Oil and Aprilia Filters to complete 2 oil changes Owner's manual, spare key, and all the OEM parts I have are included Adult ridden/owned, bike is in very good/clean condition. New battery in 2014, stored with battery tender. Bike will come with lots of extras, and and all OEM parts I still have, two keys, extra Agip oil with filers, passenger seat and some other things I'm sure I've forgotten to add. This bike was originally a Red Lion but suffered a low side at low speed. Red Lion body work (especially the tank) is so hard to find and so expensive I decided to just buy all new body work in a style that was easier to source. Quite literally, the Red Lion tank alone was almost $2000, and there were no parts available in the US at all. So instead of waiting for one to come up at a ridiculous price I bought the entire set of the black body work for about $2300. That's why the body work installed is Aprilia Black=a.blk 06 body work per the following page:http://www.apriliaforum.com/forums/s...nstration-RSVR All the carbon fiber pieces that are unique to the Factory were retained, as were the gold wheels and frame. All OEM parts were used except for the levers. The OEM clutch lever was too expensive so I just replaced both with CRG. Otherwise, all OEM parts were used. The result was a unique bike in a great looking color scheme. Guaranteed there's not another out there like this one! T his bike rides and sounds great. I have not had any mechanical issues with it and still ride it frequently. I'm selling because I'm looking to get a cruiser so that my wife and I can share the ride.
  23. Red Ducati 900 Supersport, $3600 All maintenance and upgrades completed at Northern Ohio Ducati. Overall good shape for a 20-year-old classic motorcycle. Well maintained, runs great with plenty of power and torque. Frame has no cracks in the steering stem. Upgrades include: Fresh oil and filter Belts replaced, valves adjusted <750 miles ago Double bubble windscreen CRG bar end mirrors (original mirrors included) Machined, billet aluminum brake and clutch levers (originals included) Machined, billet top triple tree bracket New OEM battery California Cycleworks high capacity ignition coils (new, not installed) Motoelectric DC distribution circuit (new, not installed), HICAP HDSS3-2 Brembo gold front and rear calipers Stainless braided clutch and brake lines Billet Ducati covers for brake and clutch reservoirs Full floating, cast iron front disk rotors (originals included) < 500 miles on new Bridgestone tires Sargent seat Ducati OEM seat cowl (removable). Hard to find, purchased new in 2014. Upgraded, light aluminum clutch and basket (much better shifting and reduced lever pull) Stainless steel clutch springs and red billet clutch buttons CNC machined, vented dry clutch cover Machined, lightened flywheel 41mm Keihin racing carburetors (originals included) Termignoni dual carbon exhaust Custom exhaust hangers (originals included w/ rear foot pegs) Kit to fix annoying side stand auto retracting feature STM billet crank case breather, red Billet oil fill cap, red LED light bar under license plate, flashing during braking for safety Racetech valve and spring fork upgrade Dyno tuned and jetted at Northern Ohio Ducati Original tool kit 2 keys and service manual Not interested in trades, cash only. Title in hand, shipping responsibility of buyer. Additional pictures provided upon request. Phone evenings - 216.217.6701 Sold as is, no implied warranty or condition though accurately represented
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