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  1. ross

    Tori Nonaka

    Still plan to fap to this.
  2. ross

    Highlandtown Dove Hunting

    I've been saying the same for the last 3 days but the snooze button is too tempting.
  3. ross

    Another Wave Thread.

    I just wave my middle finger.
  4. ross

    Ken Hackathrone Class

    Wait, so people that go to these classes don't all dress like an operator? Where are the beards, FDE Under Armor shirts, and plate carriers with more molle accessories than there are loops to hold?
  5. ross

    My Custom Built Semi Auto Black Rifle

    Looks like a nice build minus the grip pod.
  6. ross

    Wts Kac Ras With Panels And Grip

    I slaved over a hot soldering iron for hours and this is how you treat me?
  7. ross

    1100 (entry Level Race Gun/3 Gun)

    I do have a thing for 1100's. Pics please.
  8. ross

    Being Low Key Lately

    Screw towing and hauling capacity, buy a Rzr 1k.
  9. ross

    Steel Targets

    If you're only using it for pistol, what ammo are you going to use? Frangible? You should be alright on mild steel around 3/8 - 1/2" for light pistol rounds with frangible ammo. My steel plate at 900 is a 10"x10" mild steel plate 1" thick and it holds up just fine to 338 Lapua, 7mm Rem Mag, and of course .223 doesn't even phase it. Hell, .223 barely removes the paint at 900.
  10. ross

    Steel Targets

    Ar500 needs to be cut on a waterjet. The heat from plasma, torch, and laser will deplete the heat treatment as well as welding brackets/bases to the target. I've considered cutting targets from mild steel and then having them heat treated to ar500 but finding the base metal composition and the heat treating process seems to be a well kept secret.
  11. ross

    Auction In Zanesville

    I'll be there.
  12. ross

    What Delta Has....

    I heard through the grapevine that my Apex kit is in. I'll be in Saturday afternoon.