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  1. cmoosego

    2007 Suzuki C50 For Sale

    http://columbus.craigslist.org/mcy/3994898557.html $4000 OBO.... check out my listing.
  2. Having a "Biker Sunday" at our church on 7-8-12. Its going to be an out-door service, with a cookout following. Then were planing a group ride afterwards. Please pass along the info. It is posted on the calendar, with address and all details. But, the more people that know, gives us the better chance to have a bigger group ride!!! Hope to see you, and many others there!!!

  3. cmoosego

    Benefit Ride November 19th

    http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=161736097255630 Please check out the link. Jason is a good friend and avid biker, always out front trying to help out and do all he can.. Please help him and his family in this time of great need.
  4. cmoosego

    Hinderer Honda in Heath

    what a bunch of shit... but then again my bike was held up because the repair shop "forgot " to order parts...
  5. hey mang call me I have news for you...

  6. cmoosego

    Warriors Breakfast with the Knights

    well, thanks to the people that came out to support us... we raised 700.00 for the veterans at the VA... the money will go to purchase food vouchers and gas cards for our Wounded Warriors... Also HUGE props to Big Green Valley for planning the ride portion of the day.. couldn't have done this without you buddy!!!
  7. cmoosego

    Warriors Breakfast with the Knights

    bump. for the peeps that work all day..
  8. cmoosego

    Hello- Another Newb.

    Come to the Warriors Breakfast tomorrow morning... meet some fellow riders! http://www.ohioriders.net/showthread.php?t=81475
  9. cmoosego

    Warriors Breakfast with the Knights

    Bump... Breakfast at 8 am... I start cooking at 6... lol it's gonna be a LONG day for me...
  10. cmoosego

    Warriors Breakfast with the Knights

  11. cmoosego


    Come to the Warriors Breakfast and meet some fellow riders!!!! http://www.ohioriders.net/showthread.php?t=81475
  12. cmoosego

    Warriors Breakfast with the Knights

    2 day bump... this saturday come party with the Knights and the Proprietors..
  13. cmoosego

    Warriors Breakfast with the Knights

    bump 2 days out and counting.. c'mon punkins!! it's gonna be beautiful!!!
  14. cmoosego

    Warriors Breakfast with the Knights

    pancakes and JAGS.... yummy... LMAO
  15. hey Butter bean.... you gonna come out for breakfast saturday??? it would be great if you could promote it a little I think some other people might come if they see a few of the more prominent members attending..