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  1. street pilot

    Speeding ticket

    Is "reckless op" even a thing anymore? 30 MPH over is 4 points now. I think some of these laws changed recently. https://publicsafety.ohio.gov/links/hsy7607.pdf
  2. street pilot

    AEP recreation park near McConnellsvile ?

    I'd be up for exploring, but the AEP regulations state the vehicle must be street-legal and stay on-road. https://www.aep.com/environment/conservation/recland/pdf/BackofReCLandMap1-29-13.pdf There aren't many places to legally ride SxS on public land in Ohio that I'm aware of - sounds like your experience is the laws are not enforced. I had a buddy come into town and wanted to rip into the woods on a SxS and set up camp somewhere remote (which is legal in his state) - I couldn't find a way to put it together in Ohio.
  3. street pilot

    Mid Ohio 7/9

    Don’t worry about including me in the garage I wasn’t planning on it. The sun might help my spray paint dry HA! but I can chip in if I’m upsetting the balance for everyone else.
  4. street pilot

    Mid Ohio 7/9

    I'll be there. Red 600RR and a Red umbrella.
  5. street pilot

    gear A* SP-2 gloves - M - $60

    Alpinestars SP-2 gloves. Excellent condition, hardly used. The rubberized logo is peeling from the leather - could use some glue to be 100%. $60 https://photos.app.goo.gl/HKj7r2iIyzKkOfk03 https://photos.app.goo.gl/hOf89441QrV3AmYV2
  6. street pilot

    K&N filter failures

    Damn scary - glad you came out of it ok. I've used K&N filters for years without issue but this is evidence enough for me to switch. It was mentioned elsewhere but just to get the word out, they are basically banned at Mid-Ohio now. Several folks had to start their days today changing oil/filter trackside even though those filters are not explicitly black-listed anywhere I can find.
  7. street pilot

    A* SMX Plus boots sz43

    On a Ducati? I'm sure they're at least Gucci brand. Boots are sold.
  8. street pilot

    Planet of the Ape

    That first shot is great!
  9. street pilot

    Mid-Ohio 8/23

    Anyone going to Mid-Ohio on 8/23? I'm hoping to go but haven't reserved a spot yet.
  10. street pilot

    A* SMX Plus boots sz43

    Hmm.. Does the link in the first post not take you to pictures?
  11. street pilot

    A* SMX Plus boots sz43

    No one needs boots? What are you riding in, sandals?
  12. street pilot

    Ear Plugs, What are you using?

    I like my dubs (for riding). https://www.getdubs.com/ They have a more natural attenuation curve than the flatter curve of foam that just muffles everything.
  13. street pilot

    gear A* SMX Plus boots sz43

    $60 well worn but still have plenty of life left. In Columbus, I'd rather not ship them. https://goo.gl/photos/FxguJPuoHX8Tsn4JA
  14. street pilot

    Educate Me - First Track Day Novice - Mid-OH

    The riders meeting is where you discuss flags and then break out into your group with instructors. Ask the specific time/location from your tech inspector or an instructor running around. The classroom session is basically an informal discussion about the previous session. There is no formal teaching with textbooks or a classroom. My only difficulties and were logistical. You enter in gate 3, sign the waiver at a guard shack on the right. Then continue straight, and turn right into the paddock area, marked by a blue sign on the chainlink fencing. You then turn left into the middle paddock area, which has paint lines on the ground. Depending on volume you can continue straight into the lower paddock/garage area (#10 on map). You check in at a small information booth (#13 on map), then they will give you a class sticker and tell you where tech inspection is (if they don't, ask). Take your class sticker to inspection and put it on your bike. If no one shows you before leaving the novice group meeting, ask how to enter/exit the track from the garage area. Map: https://www.midohio.com/Assets/Images/Pictures/TS-GenTrackMap-09 Take: a cooler with water and snacks the key to your bike!! chair earplugs tire pressure gauge and air tank if you have it. Otherwise I'd air up to stock pressure at home and get some advice from coaches/riders once there and air down to recommended pressures. Everyone is usually really friendly and there to have a good time and help each other out. I went my first time without knowing a single person and within 15 minutes I had three new friends just from people walking by and saying "hello". Plan to get there just before tech opens so you have plenty of time to unload.
  15. street pilot

    MidOhio track day 7/4/16

    Glad we could catch up, nice to meet you!