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  1. Never heard of this place, that hill climb looks gnarly!
  2. Hopefully public land will be open mid-may. I keep telling myself the riding would be a total mud shitshow this month anyway.
  3. A fellow rider loses his job and needs to sell shit for money and you can't resist posting a (barely relevant) negative comment? Stay classy. 🙄
  4. two crisp $20 bills and a 6-pack of craft beer?
  5. Basic leather riding boots, sz9.5 $20 or a 6 pack from a local brewery.
  6. Dunlop Q3 180/55/17 and 120/70/17. Excellent center tread, OK shoulder tread. $75 obo https://photos.app.goo.gl/HvNbVadyR2ABcmg7A
  7. I have a MidOhio twilight cert ($120 value) that expires this year bought from John on this site, I'm not sure I'll get to use it. I'll let it go cheap if you want to put it towards a remaining day.
  8. Is "reckless op" even a thing anymore? 30 MPH over is 4 points now. I think some of these laws changed recently. https://publicsafety.ohio.gov/links/hsy7607.pdf
  9. I'd be up for exploring, but the AEP regulations state the vehicle must be street-legal and stay on-road. https://www.aep.com/environment/conservation/recland/pdf/BackofReCLandMap1-29-13.pdf There aren't many places to legally ride SxS on public land in Ohio that I'm aware of - sounds like your experience is the laws are not enforced. I had a buddy come into town and wanted to rip into the woods on a SxS and set up camp somewhere remote (which is legal in his state) - I couldn't find a way to put it together in Ohio.
  10. Don’t worry about including me in the garage I wasn’t planning on it. The sun might help my spray paint dry HA! but I can chip in if I’m upsetting the balance for everyone else.
  11. I'll be there. Red 600RR and a Red umbrella.
  12. Alpinestars SP-2 gloves. Excellent condition, hardly used. The rubberized logo is peeling from the leather - could use some glue to be 100%. $60 https://photos.app.goo.gl/HKj7r2iIyzKkOfk03 https://photos.app.goo.gl/hOf89441QrV3AmYV2
  13. Damn scary - glad you came out of it ok. I've used K&N filters for years without issue but this is evidence enough for me to switch. It was mentioned elsewhere but just to get the word out, they are basically banned at Mid-Ohio now. Several folks had to start their days today changing oil/filter trackside even though those filters are not explicitly black-listed anywhere I can find.
  14. On a Ducati? I'm sure they're at least Gucci brand. Boots are sold.
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