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  1. AOW

    Has vroddave gone insane?

  2. AOW


    MacBook Pro... virtually worry free. No virus, no adware, no daily and weekly "security" updates. It just fucking works. New printer, plug in and print
  3. AOW

    wtb: iphone

    4S is universal
  4. AOW

    WTB IPhone 4s

    I was under the understanding that the 4s is "universal". Even the Sprint 4s uses a "SIM" card.
  5. AOW

    Dreaded Winter

    I feel your pain... 3 weeks ago we took our kids to the Pumpkin Patch near our house (Lathrop), and they were in shorts and still sweated nearly to death. Last week my two kindergarteners went to the pumpkin patch in Livermore, and it was definitely no longer shorts weather.
  6. Jawbone Icon Hero. at least 2hrs of continuous talk time, often use it to listen to tunes as well as for the phone, supports being paired with two devices simultaneously, allows you to switch between two connected devices at will.
  7. AOW

    Where do you put your wallet when you ride?

    I carry my license, credit card, few bucks worth of cash with my money clip in my front pocket. Bike is keyless ignition, so FOB stays in riding jacket, have a key safe bolted to the front porch of house which alleviates the need to carry house key(s).
  8. AOW

    Wanted, CO2 tank.

    welding supply store is another good less expensive alternative
  9. AOW

    Deer/bike collision at 75+ on OH-73

    Glad you were mostly geared up and ware able to walk away! Consider that he ended up with a concussion, vs. my getting hit by an SUV, bouncing off a pick up truck, then tumbling for 30yds, followed by barrel rolls for another 10yds, and was concussion free with my Shoei Rf-1100
  10. AOW

    Bens' Helmets, thumbs up OR.net!

    I think it's pretty fucking awesome. Such a little gesture that has the potential to make an exponential difference... P.S. Ben's still a dik
  11. AOW

    K & N Air Filters

    cleanliness of your airbox don't mean shit. Silica level in your oil is a true indicator. P.S. Not a K&N hater in the least. Had them in multiple vehicles.
  12. AOW

    LEDs - Legal while moving?

    LEDs on a bike is dumb, but x-mas lights on a van is....