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  1. You win then. Congrats!
  2. Pics tomorrow, it's dark out. And 2TTim. He was both close and ridiculous.
  3. No one actually guessed correctly. One was sort of close? It's a 2016 Honda Goldwing F6b Deluxe.
  4. No, can't get that one because it keeps eluding me.
  5. Can't really disagree, but nope.
  6. Neither so far. Though one is closer than the other.
  7. New to me. Guess the bike, you get to place a ban on whomever you want up to 3 days, enforced by @Tonik. If for some reason you already know the answer, you cannot participate other than kibitzing. Good Luck!
  8. Very nice. love the look. I'll have to hear it some time.
  9. I kind of want some shenanigans also...
  10. Been pondering this for a bit. Have bike open for repair on something, can't close it up till the aussie tech support guy calls. Will know more soon.
  11. Damn, looks fun! Would you mind if I joined you? (Mildly weather dependent)
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