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  1. Starting my Blog soon. How honest to be?

    This is almost certainly a scam. *sigh*
  2. Starting my Blog soon. How honest to be?

    Dan, feel better! Contact me whenever you feel up to it.
  3. 2017 Wayne thread

    @Danimal I don't have any way to tent camp on a cycle. Ill just head down to Wayne.
  4. 2017 Wayne thread

    Just to make sure, a dual-adventure bike like my triumph tiger explorer should be fine for this? If so, I think I'll come.
  5. 2017 Wayne thread

    Seriously considering.
  6. Good choice. Almost unstoppable. Parts everywhere.
  7. DR650? DL? DL1000?
  8. What did you do to your bike today?

    Good luck on the upgrade.
  9. What did you do to your bike today?

    Allow me to elaborate. Air(gases) tend to absorb and radiate heat less than solids. When trapped. And trapped really means without much room to move around. So in this case, an air mattress has quite a bit of room for the air to move and transfer heat. Since the ability of the ground to absorb heat is large, the warmed air hits the bottom and loses some heat. Not a large amount but way more than you seem to believe. In fact it's not much less than contact with the ground over time. Now take the air and put it in 1000s of bubbles like a foam pad, and the air in the pad really really raises the insulative properties of the pad. The transfer of the heat to and from thousands of air bubbles back and forth to the foam material itself and the air slows the heat loss greatly (much much more than pure air). Even blankets help,but not much, because laying on it removes most of the air and allows most of the transfer to happen as if it was just one layer. So yes, air is insulative. When trapped in small spaces.
  10. Is this for real???

  11. Organizing a Ride from Columbus

    But, but, don't you want to know the secret tooth whitening technique that has dentists fuming?!?
  12. Organizing a Ride from Columbus

    Quick question, is there a good stopping point anywhere near Rinard Mills? Along 26 between 537 and where it meets 260.
  13. part ISO Used Tires

    Shinko has upped the quality quite a bit in the last few years. still not the best, but decent for cheap
  14. Organizing a Ride from Columbus

    Wasn't offended. I swear. I just realized someone newer to group riding might have had issues. I hope we are good to ride again sometime? (Though you are going to have to wait until I can catch up sometimes, the training wheels slow me down.) As for the other part? I promise you if you didn't see the sarcasm, it WAS there. I grew up in a stupidly sarcastic family. Part of my issue is trying to not destroy friendships by being a overly sarcastic ass. <s>Once UP pointed out that he wanted trolled? I thought I delivered. Was incontinent trollop not enough? Did it need the depends joke I left out? I figured potty humor was a lower, least common denominator thing to make sure you all got it. Should I make it simpler? Perhaps limit myself to 2 syllable words or less? </s>