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  1. nebbish

    O.R. Beach Getaway trip (feeler only thread)

    He wants to have sex with you and @Casper
  2. nebbish

    What did you do to your bike today?

    I'm going to go ride today. It's pretty much all I can think about. I should finish my pannier mods. But damnit.
  3. That was me on the adventure. And we were riding backwards. You were running the right way
  4. 30 feet. I'll bring beer? Or food? Rather do something nice for you than someone who owns a campground.
  5. I have to say how impressed I am with @Danimal's work and choices on this bike. It's pretty much perfect for him! And really well done!
  6. nebbish

    Upgraded software version

    @Tonik Dear God Man! I just spit iced tea out of my nose! Ok now on to site related things. On mobile (Android, Samsung Galaxy tab S3) opening the emoji panel in the editor brings it to a crawl. 5 plus seconds to load or change anything. Also looks like the custom emoji are missing.
  7. nebbish

    Upgraded software version

    Agreed, on mobile also. @Casper, @Tonik
  8. Hey @Casper and @marlboro man is there room down at the end of the road your shack is on for me to park my toy hauler? I can go to a campground but, parking somewhere close by would be cheaper...
  9. nebbish

    Upgraded software version

    @Casper can we get rid of all the suggestion posts on each notification email?
  10. nebbish

    Amazon & Sportbikes4Hire.com

    Man, just do what I do... Spend 10k a year at Amazon and of course be a Prime member. When I call I get what I want with very very little hassle. I once called and was like I bought something and it's outside my return window, it sucks and the company has already replaced it once( inside the window). The company is only offering 50% back. Amazon gave me 100%. And to be clear, I only spent that much because I buy almost everything non-bike related from Amazon.
  11. nebbish

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Changed the oil today. Dear God someone had the filter on tight. DCT required a second filter. At least it was easy.
  12. nebbish

    Upgraded software version

    Yeah @Casper, well done!