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  1. I feel like this is a whole different ball game for women...
  2. It's Christmas, so buy this for yourself Neck, wrist and waist adjustment // Lightweight mesh lining Oversize fit // Waterproof front storage pocket Waterproof front storage pocket // Heavyweight, coated ripstop nylon material construction Taped and sewn seams for a watertight seal // Water-resistant Brand new with tags **I special ordered this and its way too big on me.. Retails for $90ish... I'll take $75 or best offer.
  3. that makes me sad.. I promise you will like it
  4. please go to www.google.com and type in 2204355 and hit "im feeling lucky" Enjoy! (especially You Ben)
  5. Hey girl. It sucks this happened to you, but now it's hard to believe you made it at Jepps without getting HR involved, or did you?... That place is full of pervertedness!!!! You should have just run the dude over with your giant freaking bus and called it a day. Maybe then you could have crushed him and then see how the "he harassed me" card played out. You will run into a LOT of this kindof shit for the rest of your life... just be wise as to what you deem appropriate to report, or you will be writing up reports VERY often.
  6. Good vibes sent your way.... Your father is a very strong and inspiring man to have made it through all of this and is really fighting to stay with you all... What a trooper. It is because of people like your father who bring people together to find a cure for this kind of stuff. Let us know if you want to get some people together to give yourself a little break and just be with friends.. Id be happy to plan something. Take care man... Justin and I are here for you
  7. aaaaaaaaaaaah that baby is amazing...... if you don't want him, i'll take him. What a stud
  8. Another JJJ?! Welcome :)

  9. Coming from a fellow pilot... I LOVE IT! You should follow up that tattoo with some sexy nose art to keep the theme going. Good luck with training. Study your ass off and pay attention to your instructors and you'll do ok.
  10. Thanks for sharing!! I love how she captured the beauty of women and machines in her pictures.... definitely respectable. It's cool to know Rachel spent some time in cbus. I wish I could carry a gun like that.................. Ha!! you won't make that mistake again after i bring home a gun like that....
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