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  1. Bought the xx without riding it.
  2. magley64

    Pain while riding, or "I'm getting old"

    I'm younger than you, I stand up on my pegs to stretch the legs fairly often during rides, I'll also rest my chest on the tank bag from time to time. Got a throttle lock, so sometimes I'll hit that and then sit straight up and just lean a little to adjust my line in my lane.
  3. magley64

    Wife & I joined a Gang

    Also a member of the "I have a short wife" club, 4'11 Mine's not interested in a grom, though, so I got her a Mini Cooper convertible for her 30th birthday
  4. magley64

    No More Excuses

    I did the LA ride a few years back. Did it in 1 week, including a full Saturday in LA. Do NOT try a new shampoo on the first night of the trip, my head was itchy as hell the whole way from St. Louis to Amarillo.
  5. magley64

    Sport touring tires

    My customary suggestion: Pirelli Angel GT 7000 miles out of a rear, double that from a front on my 01 XX
  6. magley64

    New Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX

    New Kawasaki version of the vfr?
  7. magley64

    Considering Android

    I dig my pixel XL... If you're an apple fanboy, there's very little reason to switch anymore. Apple is finally catching up to the important features other phones have had for years. The thing I like about the pixel is the lack of bloatware, vanilla Android, and all the earliest updates... It's also easier to mod things if I get bored.
  8. magley64

    new fangled speeding ticket?

    Keep the eyes peeled, haven't gotten bothered by Ohio's finest in a few years now.
  9. magley64

    Silly riding.

    I've heard good reviews from tank, he ran shinkos on his vstrom. These guys were talking about sport bike tires. Swearing up and down that shinkos were better than Pirelli, Avon, and Continental... I gave them room cause it's been a while since I really investigated tires. I buy Pirelli Angel GT because I'm used to them, and know their ride and feel pretty well...
  10. magley64

    Silly riding.

    On that point... Did shinkos become a quality tire brand recently? I've heard a group of riders talking about shinkos like they were made of gold or something. Wasn't sure if they were just terribly misguided, or just closer to the pulse than I am...
  11. magley64

    Silly riding.

    Can you clarify, hypocrite?
  12. magley64

    Silly riding.

    Not quite sure what you're saying here.. are you afraid for the safety of the deer, the crazy fast motorcycle riders or the drunk drivers?
  13. magley64

    Silly riding.

    It DOES make you a hypocrite. Speeding is against the law. If you're breaking the exact same law yourself, you're being a hypocrite for bitching about others breaking the law...
  14. magley64

    Silly riding.

    More fun for YOU... Maybe the Pinnacle of exhilaration for me is tripling the speed limit on a multilane slab... You don't know. And if they do increase patrols and you get busted for speeding in that same stretch, you're just being a hypocrite.
  15. magley64

    Silly riding.

    Yeah.. I guess you do cause people speeding in cars isn't endangering your freedom to drive... It's it?