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  1. Anybody use the new "cheap" TIG welders?

    I ended up buying the Vulcan Protig200 from Harbor Freight. Supposed to have a 1 year money back policy so I didn't figure that I could go to wrong. Seems to work fine so far, but haven't used it a lot yet. Used DC stick a bit for the first time and didn't really notice much difference from the old AC buzz box. Plan on just using it for hobby work and keeping my eyes open for a good deal on a Miller or Lincoln before the year is up.
  2. Electric oven - free

  3. Electric oven - free

    I picked up an electric over to use for powder coating that I no longer need. Dude I got it from said one of the top burners doesn't work, but oven was fine. Pretty sure it has a cord. Up north in Morrow county by 71 & st rt 95 interchange. Free to whoever wants it.
  4. bike Nighthawk 650

    Link to detailed pics: https://goo.gl/photos/y6ZDnFZtsCbVUwadA
  5. bike Nighthawk 650

    Neither.,I just pulled the ad. Mainly because I am in a VMware training class all week, but I also noticed a fork seal leaking. New seals come tomorrow and I'll change them out Friday after I get home. Back up on CL after the forks are back together. They aren't too bad to do since the bike has a center stand to support it while the forks are off.
  6. bike Nighthawk 650

    Just posted on CL this morning. Asking $1600 knowing that someone will offer $1500. It's a nice bike. I expect my kid will try to talk me into keeping it for him. https://columbus.craigslist.org/mcy/6087980226.html
  7. bike Nighthawk 650

    All back together and running. Carbs are synced and the new air & oil filters are supposed to show up today. I haven't actually ridden it yet, but will probably go for a run this weekend. I'll pull tags off of something else for the test rundown. Shoot me a note if you want to come up and give it a look, Sunday looks to be beautiful.
  8. I am having the overwhelming itch to buy myself a TIG welder. I have a old Lincoln AC stick welder and a decent older Miller MIG, but I want to be able to do aluminum and stainless. I am mainly looking at the Eastwood TIG 200 and AlphaTIG 200X. Both are in the $600-$700 range without the argon tank. The old me would go with a big heavy older beast of a machine, but I am thinking now that the new technology might just actually be better. This is purely a hobby/fabricating welder. Any big jobs would be done by one of the other welders sitting a few feet away. So, has anybody used anything like these and has any useful information? Please no telling me to spend a ton of $$$ on a high end unit, I ain't got it. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00REX6USW/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=NP3PWZS6AWX0&coliid=I18ADLJ3UV6W1N http://www.eastwood.com/tig200acdc-53012.html
  9. bike Nighthawk 650

    It is mounted, carbs are cleaned and mounted and exhaust is on. I am a bitch of a time cleaning up the old valve cover gasket, I SHOULD have done it before I mounted it up and has it on its side. Now I am having to be careful with all of the little pieces of gasket crap falling in beside the cams. I am probably going to lay the bike on its side and flush everything out with kerosene to make sure all of the pieces are out. I'm still not positive it will even run yet. I"ll have around $750 in it after new air filter and 2 oil changes and plugs. Hoping to sell it in the $1300 to $1400 range once it gets warm and is all pretty.
  10. bike Nighthawk 650

    I have found another good engine up in Toledo and will probably run up there to get it Monday (MLK day) since I am off work so it should be a fairly easy swap and have it up and running again. It will probably be for sale again in the spring, but I'm pulling it off the market for now. Thanks all for the advice & suggestions.
  11. bike Nighthawk 650

    Pulled cylinders off with no issues at all. #3 piston wouldn't move on the crankshaft at all, all others looked good. I could access the rod bolts from underneath and pulled rods 2&3. Here are the bearings from #3 as they came off the crank (fused together). Crankshaft is toast there too. Since you can't get replacement bearings for this anymore, repairing really isn't an option. Donor crankshaft with bearings is available (used), but I would really rather find a decent engine and just do a swap. Or else part it out. Not willing to rebuild with used parts and cross my fingers that nothing else was damaged. Quite a bit of copper in the oil pan from the destroyed bearings.
  12. bike Nighthawk 650

    I did clean them up with a rag, they all had a LOT of carbon build up on them. Like crumbs of crunchy stuff. With a pair of vice grips on the crank, I can feel it move just a hair when I bump the starter, and the 2&3 pistons also move (just a hair). Not so with either of the outside pistons, Having my fingers on them, there is nothing moving at all.
  13. bike Nighthawk 650

    Cylinders 1 & 4 from the outside looking in. No real scoring that I could see. I've melted a few pistons over the years (2 strokes) and screwed up cylinder walls, but these look pretty good. Middle 2 pistons are up close to the top so nothing to see.
  14. bike Nighthawk 650

    Update: Pulled the head, cams & valves look good. Soaked pistons, heated & cooled, hammered with a block of wood on top of pistons and nothing gives at all. They are pretty close to the top & bottom of the stroke, so there isn't really much force towards rotating the crank to get things moving. My opinion is that it is probably toast, so I don't have much to lose. I may pull the engine & try to split the case with the cylinders still attached. I could take each rod off of the crank and remove them individually then. I keep watching craigslist/ebay for replacement engine. This was meant to be a fix & flip so not a big deal if it gets parted out.
  15. bike Nighthawk 650

    When I picked it up, he said that the oil pressure light had "flickered" while at idle sometime, but is actually locked up while he was riding it. I have had penetrating oil on the pistons for a week now and no luck. Cams and crank will wiggle just a hair, but pistons seem completely frozen. I'll probably pull the head next and start tapping/pounding/heating/cooling to see if anything works. If it is locked up this tight, it is probably toast. Crank & rod bearings are close to $200 themselves, so I'm not seeing a rebuild being worth it.