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  1. Tomcat0403

    Toledo Coyote hunting

    Looking to meet my buddy near Toledo or Midway between there and Cbus this Friday and night hunt (he has a night vision). Since his normal land is too tall with crops (except one place but his friend that owns it is out of town), I have been checking out the ODNR areas (sugar Creek, silver Creek, wyandot, killdeer areas) and have my doubts about them. Anyone have experience or recommendations up that way?
  2. Just took a job that has me working Fri-Sun 7a7p...I have been looking forward to this for about a month and new job gets in the way. Gah.
  3. Tomcat0403

    M&P .22 Compact Suppressor Ready

    Fantastic pistol, eats even Remington bucket o bullets with little to no issue. Just keep it lubed and it will shoot all day.
  4. Tomcat0403

    Any Sig Sauer enthusiasts here?

    Picked up a P320 Compact in .40 (grabbed a SC frame as well) and absolutely love it. Opted for the Sig Nitesites and it is a breeze to shoot. Recently put a bullseye at 53 yds on a 10in target (3/5 hit the mark with the other 2 within 5 in). Looking to get the MCX down the road with a SBR and maybe a suppressor to go with it. P226 Legion is one of the best triggers I have ever felt and a 1911 Emperor Scorpion is on the list as well.
  5. Tomcat0403

    FS: Yugo SKS

    Hosted on different site http://imgur.com/a/7SJqs
  6. Tomcat0403

    FS: Yugo SKS

    No longer really need her and she is taking up space. Run down: Yugo SKS with grenade launcher, bayonet, less than 1k rounds fired out of her, shoots very well and never had an issue other than what I have attributed to cheap ammo. ATI Folding Stock 2 Promag 30 round mags with no issues One Steel mag, had issues but worked on and off Original 10rd mag is in the house somewhere Picatinny Rail top cover and original comes I will throw in the 3 point sling as well If you want the case I am open to get rid of that as well or trade for a smaller case for my AR. Thinking $400 OBO Edit: Link to pics since I have no idea how to upload pics correctly apparently. https://goo.gl/photos/2goBBiLPUMWsjNEA8
  7. Tomcat0403

    Wife and Son T-Boned by F150

    Sounds about par for the course. So far the at fault insurance company has been easy to deal with. But then again, no numbers are involved just yet.
  8. Tomcat0403

    Wife and Son T-Boned by F150

    Thank you all for the well wishes! I imagine he was distracted somehow and the insurance already agreed to pay for a replacement car seat. I did a little shopping over at the dealership where the Hyundai is at the body shop. Starting to look like any 3rd row (that is worth a damn) is going to be out of our price range. I test drove a used Jeep Grand Cheerokee and without a 3rd kid (not that we have a 2nd yet) while the third row would be nice, it is not really needed. Just more space in the back for the kid plus dogs and cargo crap. The Grand was really nice, well optioned and with the Hemi and Offroad (while not nearly as capable as my Wrangler) capable seems like a good direction to go. 2014 Summit with leather, panoramic moon roof, Hemi with 8 speed, Airlift suspension, Radar cruise control (awesome for road trips) and a few other things. $31k Thoughts?
  9. Tomcat0403

    Wife and Son T-Boned by F150

    To start this thread with the important things, they both walked away and wife is the only one with any physical medical complaints so far. Last Friday I was on a job interview with and RVP (went well apparently) and wife and son left for a drive to give me some peace and quiet. They came back about 40 minutes later and i was still on the call, I heard this and just went upstairs as it was not going to be much longer. She left to go fill up and about .5 miles away from the house, she was going north on Waggoner Road and a F150 blew the red light completely travelling east on Havens Corners. No skidmarks, no braking just hit the rear driver side door at 45-50 mph. This is where my son was sitting, right behind my wife. The car was sent into the traffic light pole on the passenger side and a further 40 ft where it came to a rest. A very fast response (after a call from the driver of the F150) by Jefferson Township FD and the Franklin County Sheriff Dept had them both checked out before I was able to respond to the 10+ calls i had on my phone. Thanks to the great engineering of both Hyundai and our Chicco Nextfit car seat (which absorbed the 8-10 inches of intrusion on my sons door) they were both able to go home with me. Questions if anyone has them I will answer. Now the fun part is replacing the car. Unfortunately it was paid off and we planned on keeping it for another year or two until i get settled in to a now job. The plan was a 3 row SUV (New CX-9 tickles my fancy and the Tahoe or Suburban would be great) but who knows what in the world we can get now. Not sure what the Hyundai is worth (not going to write out what I think in case the insurance company somehow sees this) but I may be selling my 1999 Wrangler as well. All that being said, who has suggestions, advice, etc relating to cars, buying, places to go, dealing with the insurance company (theirs has been great and mine, ironically, is treating me like crap so far).
  10. Tomcat0403

    FS: 2004 Suzuki SV650S - $3200 - Akron/Canton

    Mutual friend of ours, +1 for a great, clean bike.
  11. Tomcat0403

    Church carry

    To carry in a church you must have permission in writing by an officer of the church with the authority to do so (technically not in the CCW handbook the OH AG provides but this would be sufficient to cover your ass). Forbidden Carry Zones The law sets forth several places where your license does not allow you to carry a handgun. Under the law, you may not carry a concealed handgun into the following places: • Places of worship, unless the place of worship permits otherwise < wording in the manual Carrying in a church without said permission as Tonik said is a felony.
  12. Tomcat0403

    Concealed Carry

    This is correct that they have approved State Wide to move to the online type training, but each Sheriff also can accept or deny allowing that training (if I remember correctly). However, it is not mandated that you have to take it in that fashion. Also, you do not have to teach an NRA course specifically, but it is a good guideline for training. Most instructors I know and met in my class are not going to teach this course (nor will I), as many feel that hands on training is more important especially with new shooters. A common misconception is that the NRA course also teaches the OH CCW laws and regulations, which is not the case. The NRA only offers their Basic Pistol Course (which has NO CCW information at all) and then the instructor has to follow and create the CCW material as prescribed by the AGs office. If you omit or add anything to the NRA course, do not follow everything exactly as prescribed, or do not give the evaluation exactly as prescribed, you cannot certify it as and NRA approved course. TL:DR - Yes this is a thing, but it is not the end all be all of accepted courses. Most classes are not NRA approved b/c the NRA class misses a lot of valuable material/mindset/training but is a great basis for every instructor.
  13. Tomcat0403

    CCW at ODPS class?

    Bhahahaha, I am a moron. Yeah cannot carry there. Reading is fundamental.
  14. Tomcat0403

    CCW at ODPS class?

    That is odd to have a CCW class in a place you cannot carry. Let alone one where they do not tell you that before hand. I always want my students to have their own if possible.
  15. Tomcat0403

    Capp City Outfitters - Review A+

    I went there on Jagrs recommendation and everything here is 100% true. I was honestly impressed and took my friend there to buy his first pistol. They were helpful, honest, and fun to talk to. Extremely knowledgeable, fair pricing and the amount of unique things they stock is impressive. I will be picking up one of those belts soon, I tried one on and damn near walked out, but wife would have murdered me. Also about walked out with a IWI Tavor, Sig320, etc etc. HA!