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  1. I like all the signings. I wish Pedrosa would have signed with someone other then Honda, tho.
  2. I prefer the ameriglo "hackathorn sights" with the oranage dot.
  3. I'm poor, but carry almost no credit card debt, maybe 150 bucks depending on when the pay period hits. I also make no money.
  4. Brian, can you send me a PM. 

  5. A thread I was following on ARFCOM.
  6. Thanks. He loves it. Got himself a 3rd place moto on the KTM shown and 3rd place moto on his PW this past race. At 4 years old I'm super proud of him. I try to push but not to hard, on the starting line it's always. I love you and go have FUN! He is a natural on 2 wheels. Rode for 2 weeks with training wheels and then I took them off.It took 20 mins for him to figure it out and take off. It took him less then 5 mins to take off on a pw50, when he was under 3.5 years old.
  7. Those were the days. I'll be getting another bike at some point. Spending to much money on this right now. IMG_1940 by 4DAIVIPAI2K5, on Flickr Thinking a dual sport or another supermoto.
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