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  1. ATTENTION KMART SHOPPERS! I'm just here for the shitshow ATTENTION KMART SHOPPERS! I'm just here for the shitshow
  2. AGREED! dRob was hurt by the fact that... 1)Fitz got suspended, & there's no legitimate backup for him, it appears, thereby putting more pressure on dRob to make something happen 2)Ricky Barnum just got moved to center a month ago 3)Roundtree is our veteran receiver, & he couldn't catch a cold yesterday. Then you got Gardner on the other side, converted from QB this year 4)Much of the time, 'Bama was only rushing 4, & not worrying about chasing #16 out of the pocket... Just letting him throw... See #3 I knew we were gonna have to play a perfect game, & get out to a fast start, to have any chance of beating them. Unfortunately... They're the ones who got off to a fast start, & beat us like a red headed step child. Was still fun though, anticipating starting this season with such a big opener, the last 8mo's
  3. Indeed we did... We looked like crap & Alabama looked dominant! How exciting though, to open the season vs the defending National Champions, as opposed to Miami(OH)
  4. Same thing I was thinkin' :WOW: Thanks everyone! You can't just "write in" your vote though... You have to click the "vote box" by his summary/picture, for it to count. Sam & I've "shared" it on our fb pages as well, for those of you who are friends with us there & are still having problems voting.
  5. Did you scroll down after the page reloaded? It kinda lags a few seconds before the bottom starts loading
  6. Try this one, then hit the "Like" to get to the voting page... http://www.facebook.com/FCMichigan?v=app_248518978578050&app_data=entry_id%3D5517656 Thanx guys!
  7. Doing this as a favor for Gojira. Evin is his friends nephew, and he needs as many votes as we can give him in the next 16hrs to win this special therapy bike to help him improve his quality of life! All help will be greatly appreciated! Voting ends tmrrw, Fri 5/18, @ 4pm http://www.facebook.com/FCMichigan/app_248518978578050
  8. Glad I'm alive as well. Thanks for your concern.

  9. Bottom first set... But put the gear around his neck too, then arch your name around that, so you have gear & rim
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