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  1. You dont have a fucking clue. We should meet sometime, so I can enlighten you fucktard
  2. This is why cooter. As I said, I dont always agree with Prez dawg but I support him racing. Bringing up shit from other threads, bashing him, etc is just fucking stupid. Your trophy is being shipped UPS
  3. Yeah, it IS owed to me. It's MY money that I alone put away for retirement. Your stupidity it very evident with every post you make you fucking fucktard pedophile.
  4. A dirty filter is no worse than the K&N you want to put in it. Jus sayin
  5. How many times have you raced at Atlanta?
  6. Holy fucking shit! This thread is a fucking joke. How many on this forum have raced at Atlanta? I'd guess no one has other than Prez. I dont always agree with him but that's saved for different threads. Seriously, if you cant support and encourage the guy then STFU
  7. You are a fucking fucktard pedophile. Has nothing to do with union. It's retirement, dumb ass.
  8. I've ran that NS line. I've also ran the CSX line that you pick up in Sydney but north of Lima. The west to Sidney goes thru Quincy right, double main?
  9. Nice work Prez dawg. I still dont like you
  10. omfg, you gheys are going to get this kid killed
  11. How the fuck did you get your MC endorsement?
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