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  1. RVTPilot

    2012 Ducati 848 EVO

  2. RVTPilot

    MA at PIRC vs Mid-Ohio

    To put it bluntly, these are two facilities moving in opposite directions. PIRC has been on a consistent path of improvement, and has engaged their clients and customers as they have gone alone. Mid Ohio (or the new Nelson Ledges, as one friend labeled it) continues to slowly deteriorate with no inclination to improve. I think we're more apt to see further changes to PIRC (the aforementioned gravel traps and additional airfence a must have for the next major racing event) than we are to MidOH. Heartbreaking as it may be for us Buckeyes that have long standing fond memories of the place in its heyday.
  3. RVTPilot

    bike 2012 Ducati 848 EVO

    Infrequently used, never abused 2012 Ducati 848 EVO. 2,772 original miles. Aside from a set of CRG shorty levers and an A&R race baffle kit she is all stock. Original levers, passenger seat & footpegs are included, as well as the Pit Bull rear stand seen here and Pit Bull fork stand pin. I am the second owner. Purchased from the original owner in May of 2015, and it had 1100 miles on it at that time. Title held by my credit union. $8700* PM me for details if interested.
  4. RVTPilot

    Pitt race 4 hour endurance write-up

    I am proud to have ridden with these guys, and fortunate for the opportunity to have done something in Ryan's memory. Craig and Ron did a great job getting the bike to where it was Saturday morning, and Ryan helped Craig see it through to the end. Thanks to everyone that came out and supported us, and to the quick fellas in the pit ahead of us It was truly the best thing I have ever done on a motorcycle.
  5. RVTPilot

    Mid-O - June 5

    I am locked in now for Tuesday. Work forced me to call of going today, which looked like was a great day weather-wise. Hoping for the same tomorrow.
  6. RVTPilot

    5 Mid Ohio certs

    Fuckin' Josiah.... Just texted you, bruh
  7. RVTPilot

    Mid-O - June 5

    I am in for the 5th WP...and sorry to hear Tim was tossed rudely from his otherwise trusty steed.
  8. RVTPilot

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Getting ready for the season. Sent the suspension off for a refresh, new fluids, general once over. Will tinker with her each day until the suspension is back just to show some love.
  9. RVTPilot

    What did you do to your bicycle today?

    Late to the party here. Bought a mag indoor trainer last Sunday and have been putting several miles a day on it. Time to get my plump ass in shape.
  10. RVTPilot

    godspeed #RACEDAY Ryan Hill

    This is crushing. Our track family has become part of my extended family. Shannon and the kids love each of those that we have adopted through the course of racing, and Ryan was one of the first ones in. He was the genuine article, and is supremely missed.
  11. RVTPilot

    N2 Track day at Barber November 26th-27th

    Thanks man. I think I have the bike logistics worked out, but will call you if otherwise. Yeah, the plan is to have the bike and my track gear transported via the buddy system, and for me to fly in Friday, do the TD Saturday, and jet out Sunday to Vegas. Depending on the range of flights to Vegas and the timing, I might do half of Sunday. I'll know more as it gets closer.
  12. RVTPilot

    N2 Track day at Barber November 26th-27th

    I might be in for this. Hammering out logistics since I am due to travel to Vegas for work that Sunday. May just have to leave a couple days early and re-route through Alabama.
  13. RVTPilot

    2008 ZX-6R Track/Street bike

    Someone needs to snatch this thing up at that price.
  14. RVTPilot

    RIP Rider

    R.I.P., rider. Condolences to the family and friends.
  15. RVTPilot

    Mid Ohio 2016

    I am running the 600 SS novice races down there. You should too!