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  1. this also. he's a one man band. when he tuned my truck he was running on 2 hours sleep, did a great job (i see 20 mpg on the highway with a 6.0 awd tank, picked up 4 mpg and seat of the pants says hell yeah it has more get up and go) when i had questions about forced induction tuning i spoke to him as he was packing to go on a tuning run. he's literally busy all the time. worth it to get in touch though...call/text him.
  2. he's super busy i'd try again...i made the 2.5 hour drive down based on recommendation and i'll be doing it again once i have the supercharger install done on my mustang. worth the drive, $ and time. he's a very nice guy...have you tried calling him or shooting a text?
  3. grew up in genoa, live in woodville now. welcome
  4. it's just not snapped down. it's fine.
  5. lol these are getting harder to come by and if you've ever ridden an x-4 hull ski you'll understand why there is a cult following...like a dirtbike on the water...they both rip esp with the props and grates.
  6. I bought these a couple years ago and just never use them. I've ran maybe a tank of gas through each. Both had new engines when I purchased them. One had a fully rebuilt seadoo engine; the other was a SBT long block. The skis were bought from tylers personnel watercraft and all work on the engines was done there. http://tylerspersonalwatercraft.com/ I'll run through a list of all that I have done to them. Both have covers that are in decent shape. I think I have a gallon or so of AMSOIL I throw in with them also. Winterization and carb rebuild was done by Greg http://www.motosportsmd.com/ I'll start with the "racier" looking ski: -Sp hood with single multi gauge -black hydroturf -skat trac swirl prop -scoop intake grate -finger throttle -sponsons (don't remember brand) -bars and grips -all tempo fuel line replaced -number plate -carbs rebuilt in fall -new starter -jet pump oil changed -vts boot replaced -glass mat battery new this spring -black SEADOO lettering on side -Seat recovered -comes with new fire extinguisher and tool kit -iirc this one had the rebuilt seadoo engine. Runs like a raped ape. More "stock" looking ski: -solas prop (x1 I think, I'll have to look) -scoop intake grate -black tip hydroturf -seat cover (it's all black now I replaced the mis-matched yellow one) -SEADOO lettering -painted stock hood - jet pump oil changed -tempo lines replaced -new fire extinguisher and tool kit -SBT long block runs like a raped ape also Both of these skis are great and ready to go. I have too many summer toys and not enough time. Took them to the lake over the 4th and they didn't even hit the water. I have the stock props and intake grates. Trailer is solid, leaf springs. Some surface rust I'd be comfortable hauling it anywhere. Decnt tires, bearing buddies and box up front. Any questions please call/text. 419-389-two zero eight five. Please do not pm me, call text! thanks Andy
  7. locals call the swim up bar "flush" i think was called splash? maybe it still is idk.
  8. slightly used (maybe 10 rides) icon field armor mens boot. slight wear on shifter contact point. contact me via email or call text 419-389- two zero eight five. size runs true with everything else that i own. thanks andy i can text pics they're to big to upload
  9. i have nothing to add except that i love the newer gto's def unique sound amazing with the right exhaust...pics when you pic one up!
  10. i can also confirm a 2-3 mpg increase on my awd 6.0 escalade. i see 18-19 mpg on my commute. the tune will pay for itself in around 8 months with the gas savings...
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