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  1. I keep randomly finding WSBK on SPEED at work during the afternoon on Tuesdays... random as hell when i come across it too. I cant complain though cuz it keeps my boring afternoons relatively entertaining while im pretending to work
  2. So it's been FOREEEVVVEEERRR! i miss sooo many of you so much! As many of you know, I joined the military, went back to school and have been attempting to prolong my racing extracurricular activities as best I could with this newfound crazy ass schedule.... So anywayz... I am in this photo contest on facebook, and it would be awesome to get any support I can from here to get as many likes as possible! Ben has already sounded off on this idea to post it here so please please please if you have few minutes, please LIKE the Cycle Gear page and then my photo Cycle Gear : http://www.facebook.com/cyclegear My Pic : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150179776526301&set=a.10150176137091301.306768.10010181300&type=1&theater
  3. care to give me a quick summary of this season Fonzie? the only one i saw was episode 1. im a lil confused lol and key points i should know about?
  4. id have to agree... although i have no idea what is going on. i missed so much thanks to my dvr frying while i was gone. the internet down there sucked ass so i couldnt keep up online either
  5. It was perfectly ok.... I had it well taken care of while i was gone
  6. Next year.. I am hearing june
  7. Iraq with the 37th out of Springfield... I'm volunteering to go
  8. Yea we rented a car one weekend and went to savannah one weekend.. While on lockdown lol. That was a fun one lmao
  9. Im already back.. Im not in ga anymore. Thank god. I hated augusta with a hellacious passion
  10. It was fun!!! I actually really enjoyed it quite a bit
  11. hooah is right!!!!! next step is gonna be deployment...
  12. But i'm back in Ohio!!! Lookin forward to seein everyone soon!!!
  13. well im glad to see this thread is still going nice and strong lol
  14. good truck.... g/l with the sale! I'd buy it if i could
  15. its a great idea to stop really dumb and useless drama from getting out of hand
  16. i am in love with my honda but i cant be a walking billboard anymore. im not getting paid enough lol
  17. a giant coverup of the honda logo and wings on my back...
  18. i think they need all the help they can get! Something's gotta give
  19. fun!! i got in great shape, blew stuff up, shot very large weapons, qualified sharpshooter and gained alot of personal self confindence... the most fun i never want to have again honestly
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