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    2007 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom

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  1. buxnut

    Rider Down

    Prayers out to the rider and their family. never good to tangle with a Semi. http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2016/03/11/0311-motorcycle-crash-West-Side.html
  2. buxnut


  3. the "other" section must have been the culprit. cleared that one and all the new content showed up. thanks!!!
  4. ok. i must have been blind for a few there. found them. still nothing new showing up though.
  5. i think i am the idiot. not seeing those anywhere in my settings. can you be more specific?
  6. Anyone else not getting new content when they sign on? There's always new stuff here, I just don't get any new posts when I click the view new content button.
  7. Did anyone see them? I set up my GoPro last night on night lapse and tried to catch them. I think they might have showed up around the 4 second mark in the video I posted. http://youtu.be/VEL8u8tg-yw Cant remember how to embed a video here.
  8. Had mine out for a total of three flights, let the kids fly it and now one of the motors are shot because they left the throttle up when it crashed. good thing there are cheap replacements on Amazon. anyone else had a motor failure already?
  9. Got mine today!!! Too bad I have too much going on to play with it. Sump pump to replace then off to camp Lazarus for the maple syrup festival. My sons scout troop will be working the BB gun range. Stop by if you make it out. Hopefully we don't get washed away. Bow dog. Did you turn the packaging over? That's where I found the extra propellers, propeller guards screwdriver cord Etc.
  10. Dam it! mine departed LA yesterday morning. WTF is up with the postal service these days!!!
  11. Received an alert that mine just arrived in Los Angeles. looks like they forgot to make a stop in Ohio on their way by.
  12. Ordered mine on the 11th. tracking shows it processed through the sort facility in New York on Friday. looking forward to getting it in the air. on another note. curse this website and all of you. I've gone from a simple liking of motorcycles too spending too much monies on motorcycles, guns, knives, and now RC aircraft. DAM YOU ORDN!!!! I LOVE IT HERE!!!
  13. Damn you WOOT!!! I just got my Kershaw Thermite in the mail yesterday and now this pops up.
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