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  1. jonan

    83 Honda Shadow 750c

    I will be in Columbus July 14-20 if anyone is interested in checking it out
  2. jonan

    83 Honda Shadow 750c

    So, I've had this project for quite some time. I've ridden it for ~400mi, it was amazing! Best bike I've ever ridden compared to the other cruisers I've ridden, 90s Vulcan 700, 2000s HD 883 Sporter(my moms), I've had a few other bikes a few sports bikes and a standard bike, I've loved them all in their own way, as I'm sure all of you can relate. I ran out of time to tinker with it and its been sitting in my moms garage in Sunbury for quite some time. It developed a back fire and is lacking power, i've had it running a few times and put about another 100mi on it. I bought all of it from some guy who was an 80s shadow enthusiast and his wife said his shed of shadow stuff had to go. The 750 has a black powdercoated frame and factory paint scheme with factory decals on the body parts. The one in the picture is complete and is the one that I have ridden There is another frame that has a motor, a 700 not a 750, suspension and most of the main components installed that I started putting together once I had the other running great, the motor turns over but never had it running. I have titles for both and a lot of extra parts. Also I now live in NC so I'm looking to sell everything as a package $1000 or trade for a 500cc street bike. My first bike was an 89 Suzuki GS500e, I miss it dearly, so something comparable would be cool. Eventually I would like to build my own electric bike so a full fairing bike would be cool as long as it's around 500cc. Thanks all!
  3. jonan

    Alpine Riding Gear

    Posting for a friend http://columbus.craigslist.org/mpo/4500634053.html ============================================== I'm selling my gear. It is in like new condition. Alpinestars riding jacket with liner and Kevlar plates, large Grey Arai helmet, medium Blue HJC helmet, large Alpine stars riding boots, size 10 Two pair of Kevlar lined gloves Would like to sell as package, please make offer.
  4. 1985 Mercedes Benz 300D 5 cylinder Turbo Diesel engine 227k miles Automatic Transmission White exterior with blue interior Original dash is cracked but has a really nice dash cover not one of those cheap fuzzy ones Heat and AC work good Power Windows and Sunroof (2 of the windows need motors replaced front pas and rear driver) Everything works other than cruise control and the 2 windows Gets about 20-25mpg No problems cruising at highway speeds Good tires Replaced brake master cylinder and ac compressor with new receiver/drier and expansion valve over the summer Great candidate for WVO, grease car, biodiesel, these are great engines with simple mechanical fuel systems for conversions Only one spot of rust on driver side rear wheel well towards the bottom $2500 Car is in NC but will deliver to Ohio for asking price
  5. jonan

    95 Ram 2500 Cummins 12valve

    1995 2500 Dodge Ram 12 valve Turbo Diesel Cummins 223k miles Automatic Transmission with overdrive shifts good and tows well, Ive never towed more than 6000lbs, couldnt even tell it was back there. according to prev owner records trans was replaced with rebuild jasper trans around 170k 2wd Tires will need replaced soon Stops well, if you plan to haul alot I would recommend going through them to be safe Has Rails and 7way electric for 5th wheel in bed, no 5th wheel mount or what ever Rear air bags for level hauling SLT Larime Edition 7Way trailer plug with Reese Brake controller Towing Hitch Power Windows locks and driver seat, all work, the locks need the switches cleaned or replaced as they only work sometimes Cruise control works great AC has a leak that needs fixed recharge only lasted 3days Heat works good Seats in excellent condition have Dodge Ram Covers for all seats, pretty sure theyve been covered most of its life Headliner sag and carpet has stains Starts up no matter how cold it is out or if its plugged in overnight, tho it does like being plugged in Great work truck Aluminum running boards $4500 Truck in currently in NC but will deliver to Ohio for the asking price of $4500
  6. jonan

    Fuel Economy

    I am currently bikeless(running that is...) I always got a few more mpg using high octane 90+ helps keep em running clean too! 20cents per gal or more on 5 or so gals isnt gonna kill my wallet. 89 GS500 45-50mpg 03 CBR600F4i 38-44mpg 83 VT750 50-52mpg I need to build a diesel and get 100+mpg like these guys!! http://www.dieselbike.net/ tho some are just single cyl diesel engines with a Torque Converter/CVT cruising at 50-60mph getting 100+mpg sound great to me!! Here is the ultimate build: http://www.suckindiesel.com/?page_id=2061 Triumph Tiger + Turbo Diesel Smart Car 0.8litre engine = $15,000 100+mpg! Military has had these for awhile, supposedly releasing a "civilian" model, basically the same 667cc single cyl diesel engine on a KLR 600 frame. Claim 135mpg!!! $TBD...
  7. jonan

    6x8 enclosed trailer - $850

    thanks we made it! no overdrive and it added like 2.5hrs to the trip... but the weather is awesome! im suprised i dont see more motorcycles? Safe abd Happy Riding!
  8. jonan

    6x8 enclosed trailer - $850

    well its not listed/stamped anywhere on the trailer. Ive decided to just drive slow with just my bike and tools in the trailer, wish me luck!
  9. jonan

    Motorcycle Hauler Hitch

    Id be scared... http://www.stirrupmotorcycletrailers.com/
  10. jonan

    6x8 enclosed trailer - $850

    PM sent 1. 1180lbs verified at a Truck stop scale 2. Leaf springs
  11. jonan

    6x8 enclosed trailer - $850

    motorcycle ready trailer!
  12. jonan

    6x8 enclosed trailer - $850

    Pics are up and its in Sunbury 43074 someone come buy it now!!
  13. jonan

    6x8 enclosed trailer - $850

    it WILL make someone a great motorcycle transport trailer!!! Uhauls 5x8 weigh 900lbs, i would be happy with that. some of the random enclosed trailer makers claim ~890lbs for their 5x8 with single barn door. i found a couple i'll be calling tmw from CL. the element is awd that may have something to do with its towing capacity.