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  1. I never posted anything here that I know of. I did on Chicago Riders - maybe you saw one of the trips there. Joe had to buy a new chain once, but never wrecked or dropped his bike that I know of. But I have slept since then and may have forgotten. Never claimed to be too bright, ya know. Anyway, doesn't matter. Scrape up some cash and come with us this year!
  2. I never posted them here and Joe ('Busa) never dropped his bike that I know of. Might have me confused with soemone else?
  3. I've been at my job for a long time and get 6 weeks per year vacation. So burning a couple of weeks isn't all that big of a deal. If I had only 2-3 weeks per year, then I'd definitely have to rethink this kind of ride. Still, hope some is able to come along!
  4. Earache


    I don't think they take six months anymore - that was years ago. There is a fee you can pay for speeding the process up. Takes only a couple of weeks, but it is kinda expensive. I renewed mine last year and got it back in 3 weeks - without paying the fee.
  5. The truth hurts. It's never gonna be cheaper than it will be this summer. So if you can swing the vacation time and cash, it's a ride not to be missed. I do some big assed ride each summer - either out west or someplace in Europe. Hoping to do Mexico soon , too. Anyone is always wlecome to come along.
  6. There's some guys from CR that have been on it before and you'll see them next week in Chicago. You can ask them about the trips. costs: Rooms run about $100 per day on average and you'd split it with a roomie. So figure on $50 a day. Gas is whatever it takes for you to ride around 7,000 miles. It's about 200 gallons for me or $700 or so. Food and beer is whatever you wanna spend and so is gambling in Nevada. It ain't 'zactly cheap, but you'll not see this much of the USA for less money either. I pretty much know where all of the good roads and sights are along our route, so we'll see as much
  7. He did the last one an a 'Busa. Dave did California and back on an R6 3 years ago - and he's gonna be 40 years old this year. SAtill acts like he's about 15 though. My buddy Jason has done it three times on a CBR929.
  8. Your bike would need new tires, oil and brakes before we left. We usually get tires and oil chnages on the road in Oregon or Denver on the way back. Have yet to find some tires that'll last the whole trip. There's an outside chance that Joe might trailer us to Denver and back. He has a race car trailer capable of holding 5-6 bikes. This would save 2,100 miles of wear on your bike and might eliminate the need for buying tires on the road. You could either fly to Denver or just drive out in a car. His truck is only an extended cab and isn't big enough for four on a 1,000 mile drive. If he does t
  9. We'll be riding deserts, mountains, redwood forests and oceanside highways. A little bit of everything so no one type of bike is better suited than another. Pretty much any type of bike - aside from a cruiser - would be suitable.
  10. A couple more of Moab; Colorado area;
  11. A few pictures from past trips.... Route 50 in Nevada, known as the Lonliest Road in America: Lake Tahoe in Nevada / California; Emerald Bay in Tahoe: Ouray, Colorado: Moab, Utah:
  12. Dunno if this belongs in this section or not , but here goes.... We're looking for another rider to join us on our annual ride out west this year and I thought I'd post here to see if anyone wants to come along. We have three going so far and would like a fourth to keep even numbers for purposes of splitting rooms,etc. Riders so far: Me (Honda ST1100) Dave (Yamaha FZ1) and Joe (Yamaha R1). Not a speed contest by any means, but you'd have to at least be able to keep up with the slowest bike, which would probably be my ST1100. I'm old but not all that slow. Schedule: -Friday, May 30 – Indy to D
  13. Just flip her over and go to town!
  14. And ya gotta wonder if the Russians can afford to develop it enough to produce very many of them. Still, cool stunt video!
  15. She had a face that could stop a clock - this was her best side by far. And, she was about 35 years old*. Looked 15 years younger from the back. (*note - yes, I'd still hit it)
  16. Have access to a milling machine by any chance? I use 3/32" carbide end mills and mill the holes. Hell of a lot easier than snapping drill bits off all afternoon while using a hand drill and a bench vise. But it's still a tedious and time consuming job.
  17. In order to escape the HD lowlifes, we stayed in St. Petersburg this year. Nice little 170 mile each way commute to Daytona, but that got us on the bikes more and it was probably the best part of the week. Met up wiith these two HD guys at a rest area. Broken down HD and they had no clues as to how to get it running again. Helped them for an hour as they didn't have any tools or flashlight, but never did get it running again, They had to have it towed to Tampa. Probably won't go back for a few years - at least until the memory of how crappy the place is wears off.
  18. So why go at all? Well, I've been on a crew member on a few teams over the years, so I went to the race mostly. Been a couple of times because I didn't know any better. And this year just becasue I was sick of the winter crap and wanted to get warm for a week. And there's some cool stuff to see...
  19. Took some pics at Bike Week this year - here are some.... I agree with Gixxie750 - the traffic is horrendous, the hotels grossly overpriced, full of loud HD's and the dirtbags that ride them as well as more squids than you can count. The place is a shithole. There are more cops than you can shake a stick at and you'll get cited for just about anything they can think of. On rides in the Ocala National Forest, we saw cops hiding in the weeds and trees with laser to catch speeders. And this was miles from Daytona. These roads are usually not used not at all but they are crawling with cops
  20. No steel undies, but I am gonna fan my ass with a machete if he's ever around!
  21. Gotcha. Just signed up...
  22. A few, I'm on the 1098-Forum.com and Sport-Classic.net. And maybe a few others that I don't remember, but most active on those two.
  23. Quit looking at my butt, you're making me nervous!
  24. Thanks! Here's a couple of pics for you....
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