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  1. It'd be just as easy to use a mill and a rotary table - and you'll have a better chance of finding one that can handle it. But any machine shop should be able to do that with no problem.
  2. I'll make ya one for the cost of the materials - or less. Have a specific design you like? I need to make one for myself as well - easy enough to make two of them. I can do it in steel, aluminum or wood ...or any combination. Holla.
  3. ...and don't get frisky with the wife after peeling jalapenos. Just sayin'.
  4. Her first fuck up was not cleaning that mold off of the grout and bottom of the shower curtain. Fuckin' Hell !
  5. These little buggers are cool as shit and should give GoPro a run for their money; http://www.360fly.com/ The 360 view is kinda weird, but imagine it on a race bike. See passes develop and occur, see action behind and in front - would be very cool indeed. Cost is supposed to be $400 or so. Hope to get one once available.
  6. A grinder makes me look like a good welder. It's 2 X 2 - .120" wall which is a bit overkill,but it;s what the guy wanted me to use. Welds easier with no holes, too. Have used .065" wall before on trailers and have had no issues. The axle is off of an old Ford car (thus the Ford Blue paint). It's cast steel and fairly narrow so I'd guess it's from a Model A or T. But I don't know shit about cars so I'm open to someone correcting me.
  7. Yup. weighs a metric shit ton, but he'll be pulling it with an F-250 so it's not an issue. Aluminum frames are prone to cracking and cost quite a bit more.
  8. Welded up a trailer (ok, it wasn't for me - but for a bud's HD) that came out pretty good. Udder than that - nada. I wanna put fenders on it but my bud likes the "hot rod" look of no fenders.
  9. Valentine One and a HARD from legal speeding; http://www.legalspeeding.com/staging/products.htm
  10. Nobody forced ya to have kids. (not trying to be mean there - sorry if it reads that way). I've lived in the same school district for over 25 years and have paid the highest taxes in the state for that school system. They've built a shitload of new schools in the district as well. And I was unfortunate to have been here to pay for it all. The sad part? I don't even have fuckin' kids! Have never stepped a foot into a school building here.
  11. Ahh Tia Sophia's breakfast burrito. Has that effect on a lot of people.
  12. They're about to detect another rather large burst - had Mexican last night and it's starting to gurgle a bit.
  13. Earache


    Got another job from the interior design shop; a fireplace mantel which I have just started. Bought an old 12" X 12" hand hewn barn beam which I'll make some wrought iron corbels to mount it with....
  14. Earache


    Bolt down the wood and and ya have a nice custom coffee table for my friend in Chicago...
  15. Earache


    Into the spray booth for some matte black paint....
  16. Earache


    Cut up some more 150 year old oak barn wood to size, sanded, stained and poly'd. I really dig the insect boring tracks on this board - makes it look pretty cool....
  17. Earache


    This is right up your alley, Rawlins... Hot roll A36 rectangular tube frame welded up, legs and plugs made, welds ground down...
  18. Earache


    I made a dining table for a local interior design business rececntly. Started off as oak wall joists from an old barn - 2' X 5" X 10' long boards. Planed the top. bottoms and edges and then glued them together using biscuits. Ended up with a 96" long table. Legs were stainless steel tube that I welded and sent out for polishing. Sanded, stained and 12 coats of polyurethane later...
  19. I could watch her ride for hours.... http://4riders.ro/atunci-cand-esti-pus-in-fata-faptului-implinit-16448
  20. It's a water cooled motor so paint on the cases isn't gonna do shit to heat dissipation. Still looks a bit poo, though.
  21. Yes, I have lots of clear powders and use it quite a bit as a top coat to some colors. It can come out a bit yellowish if not watched really closely during curing, but it comes out really nice when done right.
  22. Yupo - need tyo be bare metal for the powder to stick correctly. Sometimes you can powder right over old powdercoat - but it always looks best when applied on bare metal. I think the only wrinkle I have is a medium red. I've used it ona lot of Honda valve covers as it's the color the ricers want. But the wrinkle powder comes in most of the primary colors and a few others. This is true.
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