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  1. please delete - fat finger typing on my part
  2. Obviously a Jim Pomeroy influenced cross up (some old guys might get it)
  3. 127 kinda blows south of Lexinbgton to about Jamestown, KY. Loads of traffic, etc and not a great ride at all. South of the dam that you ride across, it's good for a short while. But from Jamestown, TN south to Crossville, it's 55 mph and crawling with cops. Be very careful in this area. I've always stayed overnight in Chattanooga as it's a days ride from Indy. Then we just hit the interstate to B'ham.
  4. That's a whole lotta lovin' right there
  5. Indeed. Congrats to the Chokers - didn't think they had it in them. Still hate the shit outta OSU and their fans though
  6. Why do I need an excuse? I've perfected the manly art of dick buttism. I'm vaguely surprised that an offshoot of dick buttism hasn't been named after me yet. But I digress... I went to Upper Arlington High School back before you were born and had to put up with so many OSU (or the Arlington Annex as we referred to it) fans that it turned me against the place. Blind devotion to a school that didn't deserve it, I thought. And then I went an graduated from OU and moved out of Ohio. People would often ask where I went to school and after replying "Ohio University" all I ever got back was "The B
  7. Although I don't like OSU, my butt feels fine and my lawn is far from perfect, so feel free to walk all over it. Don't care who wins really, just noting OSU's propensity for choking in any sport, any playoff game.
  8. Thanks guys - pretty sure they;re the X Metal XX.. Never gonna trade them in as they still look new aside from stress markers in the glass. They never leave the car, so should last for a long time to come. I've ordered from Revant Optics before and will order up a set of lenses from them - their stuff shows up quickly and has free shipping, too.
  9. I need to get soem new lenses for my old Oakleys. Problem is; I have no idea what model they are. They kinda look like Juliets but have a bigger lens. Frame is Ti and that's about all I can remember about them other than I bought them about 10 years ago. Anyone know what the Model name is?
  10. Thanks - just bought it. I need one to mount on my tour bike for tunes on long highway drones. Don't wanna fuck up a high dollar iPad and this one I won't really give a shit about if it get wasted, lost, stolen, etc. Should do the trick in the shop for internet radio as well.,
  11. Chad - Have a link to where ya got the tablet / model number, etc? I need something similar. Thanks.
  12. I do 2-3 rides each year across southern Utah in the desert where the temps arer always well above 100F. Always wear the same gear; Aerostich Roadcrafter suit with jogging tights and a tee shirt underneath. Usually have a Camelbak on with ice in it which I wear under my jacket. It sweats and the cool water on my back feels great. When you stop, the shirt dries out in a few minutes in the dry heat. When moving with the side vents on the jacket open, air is forced around your sides and onto your back providing a very cool feeling. Works very well plus ya can drink on the move. I also carry a sof
  13. I had a G Shock analog dial faced for a good ten years and beat the shit outta it. The rubber band thing that holds the tail of the band finally failed. And the battery died...after 10 years! My friend was in Desert Storm and he recommended them as indestructible. Wore his through 2 tours in the Great Sandbox and really liked them. Mine was the same- great watch for not much cash.
  14. I made a trailer for a guy this summer and had about $300 in it. See: http://ohioriders.net/index.php?/topic/105772-what-have-you-done-for-your-motorcycle-lately/ If you have access to a welder or know a friend that welds, have them whip one up for you.
  15. The hubs may not be big enough for bigger wheels and bearings. Ya can;t just toss on any sized rims ya want to. Check and see how big of a rim you can mount to it and then try to get the maximum size.
  16. HF foldable trailer is pretty flimsy, but if you loctite the shit outta the bolts then you should be okay. A bigger concern for me would be the small-ish wheels. Bearings are gonna burn outta those things at 80 mph over a long trip. Maybe install some Bearing Buddy's and take a grease gun with you on a long trip - squirt some replacement grease in once or twice over the trip. See: http://www.bearingbuddy.com/how.html Larger diameter wheels would be a much better option - maybe some 14" wheels on a used bike trailer. Less rpm, cooler bearings, better ride, etc. But $300 is tough to beat. Mi
  17. I'd have shat meself doing that. I didn't even see the strip until they almost on the ground.
  18. I've done 2-3 trips per year out west for the past 15 years and can never get anyone to go along. So much so that I stopped posting about it here. These trips are so much fun and you do get to see a lot of cool stuff - as evidenced by Nivin's vid. Casper and ShittyGixer went to Utah with me once and we had a blast. And they were old men on sportbikes - so anyone can do it!
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