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  1. What Hawaiian kid doesn't dream of riding in Ohio?
  2. Not too sure that any religion is one of peace. They're all more about control of the masses than anything. Hard to judge Muhammad and others in religion by today's standards. Thing were different back in the day and certainly more barbaric. So his actiopns might not have raised an eyebrow then. The sooner humans move past religions the better.
  3. Everything is back to normal now - sun is out and the roads clear. I live in Littleton and we got a whopping 4" this morning. 5 miles to the east, in Highlands ranch, they got like 10". Odd that [places so close got so much while we got next to nothing.
  4. Just like your dad's panhead....
  5. Hines hisself was conducting the tour, free beers , too....
  6. Having toured the V&H shop in Indy a few times, I can tell ya that their bikes have nothing in common with H-D's other than the color scheme of the paintjobs. That place is so cool and sano that it makes ya sick. Mill their own heads and blocks (this one is a IL4)....
  7. Send to Reuben at 35 Motorsports; factory trained by Ohlins, Certified Ohlins retailer and knows his shit. www.35motorsports.com Located in Indy
  8. Sheeit, nobody even knows me.
  9. After the beards maybe we can all wear flannel and skinny jeans, get tattoos, ride fixies and work in a micro brewery. Fuckin'; hipsters
  10. edit: www.Adornettos.com 2224 Maple Ave, Zanesville, OH 43701 (740) 453-0789 Desert at Tom's Ice Cream Bowl . Kinda of a weird place, looks like 1950 in there because they havent changed shit in 50 years. Ice cream is average, but kids like it. Dragged there by my nieces many times. It's a chain, but the best steak in town is at Longhorn. Located on Maple Ave - just like everything else - by the Mall. Good bar with decent beer selection.
  11. Adornetto's for local pizza on Maple Ave would be good for chow; kids like it and it's not a chain. No beer there though, just soft drinks. Z'Burg used to have a few decent places to eat, but the chains have pretty much taken over.
  12. Congrats on the promotion and move. I traveled to KC once a moth for around 10 years with work and always liked the place. They are really going strong with a revitalization of their downtown area, loads of condos and urban style homes are being built in the area just north of downtown on either side of I-70. Dunno if you're into that scene or want a more traditional suburban style home. My guess would be that the schools near downtown suck, but I could be wrong. One piece of good advice I have is: Jack Stack BBQ's Burnt Ends. Freakin' heaven! They have several locations but the coolest one
  13. Nope - heat. Either from the engine (clutch) or pad / rotor interaction (brakes). And dirt and crap that gets in, too.
  14. Glad you're still with us. Get better fast!
  15. Welcome! Great first bike choice, too. Glad to see a new rider starting out on that bike rather than running out and buying a new R1 as their first scoot. You live in a perfect area to hone your riding skills while enjoying some fantastic countryside. Have fun with it!
  16. A few piccies of US33 - headed west - from a trip to Washington DC a couple of years ago... I rode it on a weekday and there was no traffic at all for the entire length. Kinda weird but wonderful at the same time.
  17. Yeah but you'll pay for it. Cost of living, especially houses, is hard to believe here. Shitbox homes go for $250K and decent homes are upwards of $400K for a 3 bedroom, 2,500 SF place. Fuckin' unreal.
  18. We moved in January but still have a home in Indy that we're trying to sell. Live in Glendale right now, but will buy a house in the hills as soon as ours sells. My new shop is located off of Santa Fe in Englewood - you'll have to come down and check it out.
  19. Welcome to Denver. Gimma a holla and we'll get out on some riding. Doing a two week tour July 1-17 with some guys from Ireland. You're welcome to tag along on a part of it if ya want.
  20. There are 3-4 members from OR in the Denver area - so no problems meeting up with peeps for rides. What part of town are you going to live in? ADVRider.com has a sectiuon for Colorado riders, see: http://advrider.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=28
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