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  1. Get some guys together and make it to Denver and I'll lay out a 7-10 day route from here.
  2. How about an epic cross country trip; say a ride to Las Vegas or Cali and back? I took Casper andf ShittyGixer to Utah / Colorado / New Mexico and back a few years ago and we had a blast. Be fun to do something like that again with a bigger group. Don;'t have to ride all day together, just end the days at the same place.
  3. Same here. But I think there's something like "in dog years" for forums. Maybe one year is equal to 10 "Forum Years" or some shit.
  4. I wish there was a candidate that I could get behind - from either party or a third or fourth party. I'd really like to see someone that can unite the parties to a point that some good shit can be done. But none of the current front runners are offering that. They all seem set to divide us a bit more. Looks like another 4 or 8 years with 49% of the population being pissed off all the time.
  5. Nothing screams Harley rider like a bare assed guy on a loud twin. Still, needs the chain wallet, bandanna, fingerless gloves and some tatted up, saggy titted old skank on the back seat to complete the ensemble.
  6. Sweet! I won't even have to collect the patches! Now I gotta find me a chain wallet............
  7. I've had a few give me the same kinda attitude - not from OR though. They get pissed if you pass them and dance off into the sunset without them. Dunno how that affects their ride in any way.
  8. Hoping to get a leather vest with some patches and a bandanna for Xmas next year so I can go to the Expo next year. Adding some Kevlar probably wouldn't hurt......
  9. March '08 - or so it says on my profile page. I don't really remember when.
  10. I'd rather not have a set of nuts on my back, thanks. Or on my chin or anywhere else.
  11. Goo deal. Still, as others have said, stick with what the phys therapist tells ya and do all of the exercises in order to regain full range of motion and strength.
  12. Mine was severed as was the MCL on the side. ACL was replaced with a cadaver Achille's tendon and the MCL was sewn back together. 3 days in the hos[ital and about 6 months before I quit limping. 17 years later and it still swells when I do a lot of walking, standing, exercise, etc. Beware the CPM (constant passive motion) machine. Those fuggers hurt!
  13. Kinda what I was saying; anywhere but Denver. I don't partake of the ganja...might have to start though
  14. There's a shitload of left wing tree huggers, Subaru driving lesbians and assorted nutjobs here, too. Cost of housing rivals Cali at the moment and other costs are higher too. Taffic in Denver is crap, too. Western Slope area is where ya wanna go; desert, great riding (on and off road) as well as loads of outdoor activities. Loads cheaper, too.
  15. I've had three friends and my only sibling die from their own hands. It doesn't even surprise me when it happens any more. You just never know what's going on in someone's head and we rarely ask. Maybe we should ask more often when we are talking to our close friends. But it's a subject that rarely comes up. Perhaps it should.
  16. And we''re having record snows so far this year out here in the hills. All of the water on the Falts is snow melt from the mountains. It's gonna take a lot to dry the place out this summer, too. Still, cool place to go.
  17. Last summer, June - still had lots of standing water....
  18. I wouldn't. But there is a car wash just west of the Flats at Wendover, NV. I'd head directly there if I did ride on the Flats. But it's not always dry, either. This summer's test session was canceled as there was just too much water on top of the salt. Resulting in a very muddy-like surface. If it;s like that, I wouldn't even walk in it.
  19. 12F here right now, so I'm jelly. Has been warm enough to ride off and on over the past month, couple of 60F+ days, but the hills where the good riding is are under about 8 feet of snow right now.High country is getting slammed with snow this year. It'll be May soon enough....
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