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  1. max power

    Introduction - 18 from the Cleveland Area!

    Welcome. All the good enduro riding, and riding in general, is in southern Ohio.
  2. max power

    Random Thoughts thread

    Even still I’m betting that 90+ percent of the site is seen on mobile
  3. max power

    Random Thoughts thread

    Looks like you’re the only one bubby. I don’t really know anyone who uses a desktop anymore unless it’s for work. I have a laptop but I only do work stuff on it. My desktop is only for music and photo storage.
  4. max power

    Random Thoughts thread

    Thats shitty since no one ever sees them.
  5. max power

    Hydraulic clutch question

    Go buy the brake line vacuum tools from Harbor freight. You hook it to your airline and suck the fluid through so you can do it solo. Very handy. Probably about 20 bucks
  6. max power

    Posting rides these days?

    Should’ve bought mine. Won’t find a cleaner one.
  7. max power

    Posting rides these days?

    In the early days there were all kinds of rides posted every decent weekend. This place was a social club and a place to meet like minded riders of every skill set and style Then FB happened. OR was a bustling place 10 years ago. Now besides about 15 people, this place is a ghost town complete with tumbleweeds. That’s the real reason no one posts rides. All the remaining regulars here know each other pretty well and communicates through text or messenger. Posting rides on here at this point would be a waste of breath.
  8. max power

    2019 Rides and Pictures

    What Gump said. Was fun. Eastern Ky next
  9. max power

    FU Ed

    They will. No worries. They do it all the time.
  10. max power

    FU Ed

    You’re out there worried about the feelings of rats? Are you sure you even own a gun? It’s an overpopulated vermin. Shoot them before they chew through your soffits and make nests in your attic.
  11. max power

    FU Ed

    They’re fucking tree rats. Shot them and let them rot as a warning to the others.
  12. max power

    FU Ed

    Come on dude, do you really think they had computers when he was 25?
  13. max power

    Not new, but haven’t been around in a while

    lol there isn’t weekly anything anymore, except snarkiness. Still plenty of that. Welcome back.
  14. I’ll give you most of the meat since my wife won’t eat venison after our “pet” deer. Never getting a pet cow.