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  1. My Battle with K&N

    Why does it have a spray painted worm gear clamp around it?
  2. What did you do to your bike today?

    7 x 12?
  3. gear Gear garage sale

    Anyone looking for a good 2 piece?
  4. 2018 MotoGP Kickoff - March 18

    I believe so. We are planning to go.
  5. Columbus GoKarts 3/11 - TIME UPDATE 2:30pm

    I love the gas carts especially on the big track. Unfortunately, the customer service and cart maintenance is very much lacking at GPK and therefore has lost at least my business and the guys who were there with me. Out of the three different carts I ran on Sunday, 1 died every time I let off the gas (owner claimed they left the choke on. lol no) and another had a blown head or base gasket shooting oil all over the engine cover.
  6. Columbus GoKarts 3/11 - TIME UPDATE 2:30pm

    Update: The owner (at least I'm assuming he was the owner) Marty called me the next day and asked a bunch of questions, talked to his staff then called me back and told me that the manager that day had given me a one race credit at the time (which everyone who was there that Sunday knows is bullshit) and he would look into the cart maintenance issues. Then he asked me about our group size and started talking discounts! lol yeah. So he has his "event coordinator" send me their stock email where they graciously waive their bullshit "yearly membership and headsock fee". See below. For public racing for someone who has never been here before (i.e. your guests at the party), 3 races for an adult is $60.99 plus a $2.00 headsock fee, and then either a $6 fee for a basic membership or a $30 fee for a premium membership. So for your guests to race 3 times it would be a minimum $68.99 plus tax. When you do an event the headsock fee and the daily racing fee are included in the group prices I provided to you and the parties do not have any tax attached to them. With an event you have set times that you will race and by pass the wait line for racing. You will also just be racing with the people in our group as opposed to racing with other public groups. Our most affordable package though I think would be the 2 race session for $44 per person, the 1 race 1 laser tag package at $34.99 per person, or the 2 race 1 laser tag package at $53.99 per person. My vote is to try out the new electric cart track even though I love GPKs big track when I have a decent running cart.
  7. gear Gear garage sale

    I may be interested in that suit ya big freak. Let me know when you're around and I'll try to get over there and try it on.
  8. This is your dream man. You have the ability to alter your course and change the plan at any time as you see fit and necessary. Plan it out the best you can and be prepared to roll with the punches as we know you will.
  9. What did you do to your bike today?

    Put my new to me pro-cycle seat (thanks Danimal) on the DR and had the wife sit on it with me. Seems like it's gonna be a much bigger upgrade than expected. Nice and wide on the back, which she likes and narrow up front for standing. A little taller than the Suzuki low seat I had on it so I'm not flat footed anymore but not too bad and will likely be worth it for comfort. Probably need to get some bar risers now. Really digging this thing.
  10. bike 2013 Hypermotard SP

    I am chubbed. Hey Todd, lemme bum 10 grand?
  11. Columbus GoKarts 3/11 - TIME UPDATE 2:30pm

    I'm getting ready to go home from work and I haven't heard anything from them yet. I called and left a message with the human resources office this time because their general managers mailbox is full. Told him they had one more day to get in touch with me before I took action. I'm trying to be as calm and cordial as I can about this but I will put them on full blast and probably cost them much more than $20 if they do not respond.
  12. Columbus GoKarts 3/11 - TIME UPDATE 2:30pm

    Business managers mailbox is full. Left a message with the marketing director. Told them I need to hear from them by the end of the day today or I will be filing a dispute on my credit card. We will see what happens.
  13. Columbus GoKarts 3/11 - TIME UPDATE 2:30pm

    I probably won't be going back to GP. Racing is $20 per race. In the second race my cart died every time I let off the gas and they had to come restart it. They pulled me into the pits and put me into another cart and gave me one more lap. Woo hoo, I got to ride around in circles by myself. They wouldn't refund me for that race. Will be speaking to the manager sometime today. I will post up the result.
  14. Columbus GoKarts 3/11 - TIME UPDATE 2:30pm

    Sounds like we're going to piss off a lot of strangers.