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  1. max power

    2019 Gap Trip.

    Glad you were there, Nivin. Gap trip is always a laid back affair once we get there. Don’t ever be worried about fitting in or being awkward around us. You’re one of the gang.
  2. max power

    Riding gear purge sale

    Sold gloves locally this morning. Everything else is up for grabs at the moment
  3. max power

    Riding gear purge sale

    you know where I’m at, big boy But for anyone else interested, Stoutsville. Between Circleville and Lancaster.
  4. max power

    Riding gear purge sale

  5. max power

    Riding gear purge sale

    Pretty sure they’re large. I’ll check in a minute
  6. max power

    gear Riding gear purge sale

    1) Cortec Sequoia xc size 2xl. Excellent condition. Got it in deal with new bike. Really nice 3 season gear. Wish it was my size. $200 2) kids/woman’s joe Rocket textile. Size women’s small. Was my kids when she was 10-11ish Very good condition barely ever worn $40 3) Yamaha Factory Racing 2pc leather suit. Good condition. Size 44. Never been down. Never had a puck on the ground. lol. zips together nice suit. $200 4) first gear Kilimanjaro size L. Bought used and washed it but never wore it. Decent 3 season jacket. $50 5) Racer brand gauntlets. Bought new from Hoblick. Good condition $30 All prices face-to-face and do not include shipping. Will ship on your dime If you have questions, please ask
  7. max power

    2019 Rides and Pictures

    Tim’s on a boat
  8. max power


    Four wheels makes it a car which means it has to pass car safety standards.
  9. max power

    Random motorcycle thoughts and talk

    Big Rusty Bucket!
  10. max power

    Need Home Builder

    Not in that area. @Hoblick know of anyone?
  11. max power

    2019 Gap trip bike cleaning poll

    If you were there, you’d know why. Many miles of rain covers everything in thick road grime.
  12. max power

    2019 Gap trip bike cleaning poll

    Washed, Polished and detailed. No lazy ass quick detailer used.
  13. max power


    Got an upclose look at killboy Daryl’s Nikken this weekend. He said he hasn’t hit any rodents or potholes with it yet but expects that the cantilever and shock set up to compensate well enough for an upset in the chassis. He said on the road it feels just like a normal motorcycle except that the faring is bigger.
  14. max power

    2019 Gap Trip.

    The bubbys made it home safe and comfortably in the luxury of the rental truck. Bike is washed and detailing will commence shortly.
  15. max power

    2019 Gap Trip.

    Was fun. We made the best of what we had and adventures were plentiful.