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  1. max power

    2019 deals gap dates

    So are we looking/taking suggestions for a different place to stay this time?
  2. max power

    Anybody play Foosball?

    There’s a tournament every Friday night at the Columbus square bowling Palace. Might go and watch some time. Don’t think I’m good enough for competition.
  3. max power

    GOPRO HERO(non HD) Free to a home that will benefit.

    I’ve been wanting one of these. Always seem to have other expenses get in the way of acquiring one. I’ll trade you a case of your favorite frosty beverage
  4. max power

    Wayne 2018

    I’m working the auction this weekend but definitely plan to be there next weekend for closing day
  5. max power

    Today(or recently) in Weird News Thread.

    You cant take some filthy, half retarded dick weed from a 3rd world mud hut and put him in a semi and expect good results. These Somali dirt farmers are driving semi‘s all over the country now. Instead of laughing, you should be scared. You’re on the road with them. One of them killed two children from Canal Winchester if you years back after running over the parents car and it turned out he didn’t even have a license. https://abc6onyourside.com/news/local/young-girl-dies-sister-not-expected-to-survive-car-crash
  6. max power

    Who has edc experience with LCP?

    I can’t do iwb and I had an LC9. Didn’t care for it. Need small and reliable.
  7. max power

    Wayne 2018

    Sorry, just saw this. We rode dorr and came up the main to Monday creek and hit the road to the store for roadpop and snacks.
  8. max power

    2019 deals gap dates

    Let me know. I have a trailer that will haul 4 bikes easy
  9. max power

    Craigslist, eBay, Internet find thread

    Flagged. Gone
  10. max power

    2019 deals gap dates

  11. max power

    2019 deals gap dates

    So you coming this year? I’ll bring both bikes if so.
  12. max power

    Random Thoughts thread

    And this is exactly why I work alone, yeeaah with nobody else...
  13. max power

    Who has edc experience with LCP?

    So you have both? What are the difference between the two?