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  1. Po ta toes

  2. "side hustle."

    Wood lathe - there's an excellent way to lose fingers. I used to do security systems and monitoring and used to be a sponsor here, but I shut it down this year. Now I work for my buddies auction on the side.
  3. Random Thoughts thread

    Hey, I'm married, I got no reason to lie to you.
  4. Random Thoughts thread

    We love women who own and actually know how to ride a motorcycle. Gets us all chubbed up.
  5. Random Thoughts thread

    I was just trying to be nice. Gosh!
  6. New bike ordered yesterday

    Talk to blake. I thing he is ready to unload his outlaw.
  7. Columbus Gokarts - Short Notice

    We have had winter gatherings there the last couple years.
  8. Time To Set Up The Trail Cam!

    Dads 1976 Marlin .44 mag It was the smallest gun there. My buddy Jerry was using this monster. .450 Thumper. The other guys were sporting .45-70's. Also hunted with dad's Ithaca 37 Deerslayer
  9. New bike ordered yesterday

  10. Time To Set Up The Trail Cam!

    Saw a bunch of deer down in Vinton County. Took a video of a doe stomping and snorting at me, shot a 4 pointer that had a big growth on his face and my 70-year-old hunting partner shot his first ever buck, an 8 point on Monday. Saw some Tuesday morning but not much happening in the afternoon since it was nearly 70° Beautiful woods.
  11. The return of csc and tragedy on a trailer.

    We miss our little maple loving bubby
  12. running from the man

    @jbot what the fuck they sayin?
  13. New bike ordered yesterday

    Congrats man! what is CCM?
  14. Back after 4 year hiatus....

    Got the FZ in 2010
  15. Time To Set Up The Trail Cam!

    All I've seen lately is this goofy doe but my buddy got the one in the middle outside lithopolis this week and my friends nephew got the crazy beast on the bottom in Texas.