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  1. Gump and I use cheap wallow talkies with ear buds and mic. Cheap and it works.
  2. since we don’t have a dildo emoji.
  3. It’s not brutal, just don’t come on here acting like a dildo and you’ll be fine. So what part of Ohio are you living and/or riding in?
  4. Fuck you Bubby. You have no idea who you’re talking to or what you’re even saying.
  5. Shit Bubby I can’t remember names, just all the random dildos that used to leg hump every time a girl came on here. It was entertaining shit. Don’t act like it wasn’t. I’m sure MJ could give you some names but ....
  6. How’s that? The 10 of us left on here don’t entertain each other
  7. This site just ain’t the same without the old leg Humpers we used to have. I miss those gameless, desperate dip shits.
  8. But think of all the money you would save on cameras and gun turrets!
  9. max power

    Check Ya Nuts

    Glad it worked out, wingnut. Name change is in order. I’ll text ben.
  10. Mick, you need 50 cameras and 20 remote control gun turrets. When are you gonna move out here to the country and get away from the garage smashing ghetto rats? If you move out here all you need are game cameras
  11. I saw them on their farewell tour. 1989.
  12. You’re always welcome to join us or share some routes. I was really impressed with the area. A lot different from the West Virginia I’m familiar with.
  13. Same. We stayed at a real nice air bnb on 20 near hacker valley. Going to ride eastern Ky in 2 weeks then may plan another trip to that area. So many good roads.
  14. Webster springs was a cool area. Did you climb the mountain road past the park?
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