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  1. Using your gf as cover won't win you brownie points.
  2. I am simply a lurker anymore.
  3. Next class is Battle Creek Michigan in October.
  4. Next class is Battle Creek Michigan in October.
  5. Thanks for coming. It was a great day of training even though it was pants on fire hot.
  6. Thanks for giving me the title of "expert" even if you are trying to be snarky. I dont like that title because it infers that I have learned all need to know and I believe if you are done learning you have failed all your future students. I didn't mention Ohio's muddy and murky laws because it is covered in the class. But since you brought it up... Having talked to many law enforcement officers that have been associated with Valkyrie Defense Group it seems to boil down to the intent when it comes to the knife. Take that as you will. I'm not teaching this class as I said above. We are hosting a class with another training company. I have done most of my training in handgun and handgun combatives which is where my "expertise" lies. I tend to stay in my lane which is why we bring in outside instructors to teach varying skillsets. That being said my schedule for next year is looking to be more in the land of open hand and extreme close quarters engagements as well as some other instructor level classes to add to the current certifications. Thanks for your concern.
  7. Valkyrie Defense Group is hosting a Suarez International HITS-8 Defensive Knife Course. It will be held in Coshocton on November 14th. More details can be found here. http://www.suarezinternationalstore.com/151114-defensive-knife-coshocton-oh.aspx#.Vio54BbD_qD I took this class in spring and was so impressed I wanted to make sure this info got out to more people. Valkyrie Defense Group makes nothing off this class we are just trying to provide better and more accessible information to everyone. Why would you ever need a class on defensive knife? Do you ever go anywhere that your gun isn't allowed but your knife is welcome? I do. Also if we look at the statics of a lethal threat engagement it is very likely that it will be very close quarters to the point where your gun might not be accessible or feasible to get to. One of my biggest takeaways from this class was a closer look at violence. I thought I knew violence, I teach it every weekend. I was wrong. This opens your eyes to a whole new world of violence and something I describe as targeting. Different tools required different deployment and different target areas. You will learn a ton. There will be training knives there so you don't need to run out and buy one. Also if you don't have what you think is a perfect knife for defensive matters this class will also teach you what to look for in a defensive knife as well. Any questions just put them below or shoot me a message on here or Facebook.
  8. Here is another link. The first don't seem to be working. http://newshootercanada.ca/?p=595
  9. Jason and I we interview on the New Shooter Canada show recently and it aired this morning. If you want to learn more about our advanced classes or just listen to us leave a bunch of Canadians unsure how to respond to a lot of awesome comments check it out. Do us a favor and hit their Facebook page and give them a like. Episode – 47 Valkyrie Defence. http://media.blubrry.com/newshootercanada/podcast.newshootercanada.ca/NSC_047.mp3
  10. Buy it and then plan your next class.
  11. Let's face it, I use nothing gently.
  12. I would like to get a whole Ohio riders group to come all at once and do it. That would be fun.
  13. Thanks for coming yesterday Brent! You saw lots of improvement through out the day. By the end of it I think everyone was worn out mentally and physically.
  14. If anyone is still wanting to attend get with me. I have one table filled up already.
  15. kawi kid

    FS: Kahr CM9

    No. I shot it, jason shot it and still the same results. That was obviously the first thing we checked.
  16. kawi kid

    FS: Kahr CM9

    She bought it a week before the class Brett.
  17. kawi kid

    FS: Kahr CM9

    From what I'm gathering with the 42 is you need to use 95 or higher grain rounds to make it function properly.
  18. kawi kid

    FS: Kahr CM9

    Had one in class two weeks ago and I have never been so frustrated for a student in my life. She took it well. I was pissed.
  19. I would like to have everything squared away in a week or two so I can get the tables reserved and paid for.
  20. Just don't kiss me with your eyes closed.
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